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The Dad Of A Popular YouTube Family Channel Is Being Accused Of Sexualizing A Child After Buying Her A Phallic-Shaped Lollipop

The ACE Family has grown a massive following on YouTube for branding itself as a family-friendly channel that occasionally films pranks and random hijinks.
Over the past two years, they’ve built a subscriber base of 15 million by regularly vlogging almost every facet of their, and their 2-year-old daughter’s, lives.

However, the ACE Family has kicked off 2019 with fresh controversy.
Over the past week, people have been growing upset with a recorded video of dad Austin McBroom purchasing a penis-shaped lollipop for a young child and making a joke of it.
The video, apparently recorded by McBroom, showed a little girl in a store asking him to purchase the adult-themed candy. (It’s unclear if the girl is part of the family, but some are suspecting she’s related to mom Catherine Paiz.)
“She said she was going to steal it if I didn’t buy it, so better me buy it,” McBroom claimed in the video, laughing throughout.
The footage was quickly recorded and shared online, where fans and nonfans alike were disturbed and disgusted by the dad’s actions. Some have criticized it as sexualizing a child.
“That’s a sexual article you’re buying for a child. That’s messed up man,” one person commented.
“I knew they was corny but this right here.....I’m disgusted,” someone else wrote.

This is not the first time the channel, nor McBroom, have been embroiled in controversy.
In August of last year, old tweets were dug up by internet sleuths showing McBroom characterizing women — specifically black women — offensively and disparagingly.
While this caused their fans to pull away from the ACE Family YouTube channel, and unsubscribe, others remained and defended them.
Fans now are reacting to the latest video, unsure of “how to feel,” as one user put it.
“I loved the ACE Family, but I don’t know how to feel now, especially cause this wasn’t a joke. What the fuck. Austin and Catherine McBroom this is sickening.”
Online and publicly, McBroom and Paiz have not addressed the backlash and have continued to go about their usual business. Still, in recent tweets, fans are trying to hold McBroom’s feet to the fire.

“So you just gonna ignore the video going around of you buying the girl the lollipop?!” one user responded to a tweet from McBroom on Wednesday.
Their silence has now caused fans and viewers to grow more frustrated.

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