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Three dead and four injured after gunman opens fire in front of terrified families at California gaming center - as shocking video from inside shows bloodied victims lying on the floor (10 Pics)

Three people have been killed and at least four others are wounded after a shooting at a bowling alley in Southern California. 
Shots rang out at about 11.54pm on Friday after a brawl between patrons at the Gable House Bowl in Torrance, witnesses said.
Investigators with the Torrance Police Department have secured the scene and are working to identify the suspect or suspects, police said. 
All the victims are male and were pronounced dead at the scene, but their identities have not yet been released.
Two people were taken to a local hospital for their injuries, Torrance police said, while two others will seek their own medical treatment.  
A Los Angeles Times reporter wrote on Twitter that people outside the venue were throwing up and relatives are screaming. One man at the scene has bandages on his back and is wearing a torn and bloodstained shirt. 
A shocking video has emerged that was taken inside the venue in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. It shows a male victim lying covered in blood on the ground while a female patron kneels next to him. 
In the harrowing footage posted online by witness D Ryon Thomas, screaming can be heard in the background while an officer cuts a blood-soaked shirt from the motionless man as a woman leans over his bleeding body.
'You have to get an ambulance now! I'm holding it, I'm putting pressure' the woman screams at the officer. 
'I know! I know!' the officer responds. 'I don't have an ambulance. I'm trying ok?'
'Call his f**king baby momma please!' the woman continues. 'You have to apply pressure!'
'Get on Instagram, get on Instagram!' the woman shouts at another bystander, in an apparent attempt to contact the shot man's loved ones. 

Thomas wrote alongside the video on Facebook: 'Gunshot fired. I'm okay just my few scraping on my legs. I heard ppl died n injured. I was distance away but people ran in our room.' 
Police urged people to 'stay away from the area' near the bowling alley. It was not immediate clear whether there was just one or multiple shooters. 
Patron Jesus Perez was inside the venue at the time. He told the Los Angeles Times that there had been a 'big fight' prior to the incident and he heard about four gunshots.
'We just ran right into the bar and took cover. All we heard was just, like two people got shot,' he told the newspaper. 
Perez sheltered for about 15 minutes before a security guard escorted him outside via the back exit. 
Other witnesses also reported seeing a fight between customers just prior to the shooting. Whether or not this confrontation was the cause of the violent shooting has not been confirmed by police.  
Wes Hamad, 29, told NBC4I that he was at the bowling alley with his 13-year-old niece and cousin when they witnessed a 'huge fight' that descended into 'complete chaos'.
Hamad told the news outlet that the fight blocked the entrance of the venue. 
'I grabbed my niece and started running towards the far end of the bowling alley,' he said. 'As we were running, we heard 15 shots.'
Gable House is described on its website as a gaming venue that offers bowling, laser tag and a full arcade.
Torrance, California, is a coastal city about 20 miles from Los Angeles.

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