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Tourist is charged £22 for an ICE CREAM in Florence - and shop is fined £1,800 after police are called

A tourist was charged £22 for an ice cream in Florence - only for the shop to be fined £1,800 when police were called, it has emerged
The Taiwanese holidaymaker complained about the price of his cone but was told the ice creams 'cost a lot because they are tasty'.
He ended up paying for his 25 euro ice cream, but his Italian tour guide then called police.  
Officers found that the shop had concealed its price list behind the counter and imposed a fine of 2,000 euros (£1,800), the Times reports. 
Police official Elio Covino, told La Repubblica: 'Hiding prices is very common and is a habit that creates a poor impression around the world, given that tourists are the main victims.'
It is not the first time tourists have complained of exorbitant costs in Italian tourist hotspots.

In August, a furious customer slammed a cafe for charging him €43 (£38) for two cups of coffee and two bottles of water.
Juan Carlos Bustamente, 62, was shocked when he got the bill at Caffe Lavena in St Mark's Square, Venice.
He was charged the equivalent of £10.30 for each cup of coffee and £8.90 for each 25cl bottle of water. 
In January 2017, a Venice restaurant charged tourists £1,000 for four steaks and a plate of fish.
The outraged Japanese diners - students from the University of Bologna - said they ordered three steaks and fried fish at an eatery also near St Mark's Square.
With only glasses of water to accompany their modest meal, the group was left shocked by their €1,145 bill on Friday.
In 2013, a British family complained over being charged £13.50 each for three ice creams in Rome.
The Antica Roma gelataria charged brothers Roger and Stephen Bannister and their wives the sum when they stopped at the outlet near the city's famous Spanish Steps.

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