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Watch as Senator Flips Out When Confronted With Puerto Rico Beach Pics

In a hilarious turn of events Democrat Senator Bob Menendez flipped out when confronted by Fox News with pictures from his Puerto Rico beach trip during the shutdown.
He raged that Fox news was neither fair nor balanced.
Watch as Menendez flips out on live TV:

Now THAT is funny!
Partial transcript:
[clip starts]
MENENDEZ: “We had hours and hours and hours of meetings and you chose one thing —“ [crosstalk]
SCHMITT: “Well, no. I want to be fair. I want to be fair. I just want to ask you —“
MENENDEZ: “You guys are not fair. You’re neither fair nor balanced. So, thank you.”
[clip ends]
SCHMITT: “And we do want to fair to Senator Menendez. There had been hours of meetings, there was hours of meetings yesterday before their flight. They did six hours on Sunday. We did talk to congressman from California Tony Cardenas and he was more than happy to defend the decision to come down here amidst this partial government shutdown.”
[clip starts]
CARDENAS: “It’s important for people to understand that yes, a shutdown is going on in Washington. But as you can see people are living and thriving and trying to survive here, and it’s our job to come here, touch, feel, and understanding what Puerto Rico has been going through.”
[clip ends]
And of course if 30 Republicans and 100+ lobbyists had been partying on the beach in Puerto Rico during the shutdown it would be all over the media with Democrats screaming for resignations.

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