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Attn. CNN! Chicago reporter covering Jussie Smollett explains why he only did interviews on Fox News

As you now know, some of the most accurate reporting on the evolving Jusse Smollett story has come out of local Chicago media, and it’s led to some very WTF-worthy shots & chasers:
Yep, this sure is something:
CNN’s Brian Stelter, has he’s done in the past, tried to explain that it’s “complicated”:

Local stations frequently say no to our booking requests. It's very complicated for reasons that will probably bore you 😀 Network relationships, etc. But we regularly try anyway

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And with that, Fox 32’s Weigel explained why he was only on Fox News programs talking about Jussie Smollett:
For those asking me why I only went on @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle and @ShannonBream on @FoxNews, to talk and not any others—simply, they are the national TV shows that asked me to come on.
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And for the “you can’t make this up” coup de grâce
The media editor for The Wrap intervened:
An invitation at this point would be totally genuine. *Eye roll*

It’s “complicated,” apparently.

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