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FBI Statistics: Ilhan Omar’s District Is Terror Recruitment Capital of US

The district that elected controversial Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is also the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States.
“More men and boys from a Somali American community in Minneapolis have joined – or attempted to join – a foreign terrorist organization over the last 12 years than any other jurisdiction in the country,” Fox News reported.
The Muslim community is a part of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, which is now represented by Omar. Omar is one of two Muslim women elected to the House in November.
The FBI has at least 45 recorded instances of Somalis from that community leaving the country to join radical Islamic terrorist groups like al-Shabab or ISIS, according to Fox.
In 2018 alone, Fox reported, “a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS.”
“Both numbers are far higher than those of alleged terrorist wannabes who left or attempted to leave the country from other areas in the country where Muslim refugees have been resettled,” the report stated.
In case you were wondering what kind of people would vote for a Omar, a clear anti-Semite who unfairly bashes Israel, you might have your answer.
Omar, a freshman congresswoman, has rightfully been attacked from all sides for her bizarre tweets about “hook-nosed Jews” and Jewish lobbyists.
And it’s not a stretch at all to suggest that Omar’s stance against pro-Israel lobbies is motivated by anti-Semitism rather than issues related to campaign finance in general.
That’s because Omar herself has benefited from lobbyists. In fact, Omar’s campaign was given $5,000 from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a terror-linked Muslim lobby.
And it’s no surprise that Omar is popular in a district that has a propensity for terrorist recruitment considering her past comments about terrorist groups.
In a 2013 interview, Omar joked and laughed about how terror groups are “sensationalized” in the media.
That interview was in the wake of an al-Shabab terrorist attack on a Kenyan shopping mall which killed 70 people — Omar blamed America.
Ilhan Omar laughs and jokes while talking about Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah — Islamic terror groups that kill Americans, U.S. allies, and Jews — during a 2013 interview
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You get a clearer picture of Omar when you take all of these factors into consideration.
Omar is a far-left, anti-Semitic radical who was elected by the terror recruitment capital of the United States with the backing of a terror-linked Muslim lobby.
But Democrats think President Donald Trump is the problem?


  1. Anti Semitic self hating Semite. I believe I've seen it all.

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