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‘Fraud says WHAT?’ Kirsten Powers ‘mea culpa’ thread on Covington and our ‘dangerously toxic culture’ has many calling BS

Would appear Kirsten Powers has taken some time away in a ‘mostly Twitter-free zone’ (whatever that means) to reflect on our ‘dangerously toxic culture’ and the role she has played in creating it.

Now she’s back after spending those weeks self-reflecting and sharing what looks like a ‘mea culpa’ thread – see what you think.
1) I have spent the last few weeks in a mostly Twitter free zone to spend time reflecting on what role I may have played in what indisputably has become a dangerously toxic culture. I am not proud of what I have found.

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Okaaay …
2) I work hard to see
every side of an issue and also speak up when I see a wrong. But in
doing that I am too often judgmental and condemning--both on and off social media--in a way that is
contrary to my belief system and my faith.

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It didn’t seem like she was working very hard to see every side of the Covington Catholic High School kids story but maybe she figured that out while she was away.
3) I want to stand on the side of justice and equality but also of grace and I have failed to do that. Part of grace is recognizing my own fallibilities and imperfect judgment and reminding myself that there but for the grace of God go I.

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4) Yes, this applies in the Covington case. This will please nobody because I still believe the teenagers were disrespectful, but my tweets were lacking in grace. As a Catholic I felt duty bound to speak up and hold them accountable, but that really isn't my job.

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And there is it.
We’re starting to think she didn’t really learn anything at all while she was away.

5) I also don't believe these teenagers should be tarnished forever for what amounts to one really bad day. I know that black teenage boys don't get this benefit of the doubt or grace, but I want more black teenage boys to get this benefit, not fewer white teenage boys.

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You know she was ALMOST there with this one. But then she had to make it racial and she lost us.
Kristen, you to look at a group of Catholic white boys, being harassed by a group of adult native Americans, as the boys being disrespectful. If the boys were black and the harassers were white adult MAGA’s, would they also be disrespectful? Not in your book. You’re a fraud
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And she lost others.
She can’t seem to help herself.
So you’re not actually changing a damn thing. You don’t get to have an opinion that these boys were disrespectful when the evidence proves the posits to be true. Also in this case the black boys were totally given a pass although they were the ones inciting the problem.
See Debi Irwin's other Tweets
Doesn’t sound like it. BUT she still had a few deep and meaningful points to make.
6) It should be said I have been an equal opportunity scold, and liberals have been on the receiving end of my judgement and I regret that as well. I am rethinking my view on Al Franken, for example, after hearing from many friends on the issue of the rush to judgement.
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We haven’t seen her do much scolding on the Left lately but hey, whatever helps her sleep better at night.
7) I often am too rigid in trying to be pure in my principles and don't leave enough room for this mess of life. So I'm writing this as an apology to both left and right and making a pledge to do better.
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8) I also hope to be part of a conversation -- if we ever have it as a country -- about the path to redemption for people who have stumbled and even failed spectacularly. This is where I plan to put my focus and not on rendering judgements about other people's behavior. THE END
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Is everyone good now?
Some of her old tweets as a reminder though …
Those poor journalists.
Oh, and did she apologize for this?
If @RashidaTlaib saying a curse word offends you, but children being tear gassed at the border, or separated from their parents doesn't, you need to do some soul searching.
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3/3 Also let's let's not take complaints from the religious right about @RashidaTlaib seriously when they could care less about DJT using the exact same word she used (and more).
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Yeah … we’re not sure a tiger ever really changes its stripes, Kirsten.

But good luck with that.

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