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‘GOTTA LOVE ‘EM’! James Woods sums Dems up in 1 BRUTAL tweet about #CraftyBeaver and #Cowfarts and we’re DEAD

Ok, so full disclosure, this editor just REALLY wanted to write a headline with the hashtag #CraftyBeaver in it. DON’T JUDGE. How many of you can say you wrote such a thing at work today?
Wait, maybe don’t answer that.
Anywho, James Woods in all his infinite wisdom summed the Democrats up and why we gotta love ’em and yeah, he nailed it.
Nigerians and fake nooses, MAGA hats and a . and trains to Hawaii. A lying Senator saying she’s a Cherokee. A Senator sleeping her way to the bottom. Congresswoman married her own brother? Governor in a KKK robe. Ah, !!! Gotta love ‘em!
24.1K people are talking about this
Sad Dems are sad.
Anyone else really glad he’s on OUR side?
Wow! When you put it all together like that it is utterly shocking.....How does half our country see past all that? I know the press plays a huge role but the shark has been jumped!!!!
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Shocking and pretty damn funny.
Hey, if we don’t laugh we may never stop crying.
It really does.
We could support that.
The stories we could write about the Left seriously going insane … job security galore!
We do that too. True story.
Someone should totally make this happen.
Ain’t that the TRUTH?!

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