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HILARIOUS: The Washington Post pounces on criticism of ‘Republicans pounce’ headlines

We’ll get right to it: nobody goes straight to the “Republicans pounce” headline like the Washington Post. They do it so often we’ve seriously wondered if they do it on purpose just to own the cons — either that or they’re just so self-unaware of their biases they don’t even know they’re doing it. Come on:
So it’s pretty hilarious that the Washington Post is now analyzing the “Republicans pounce” angle and claiming it’s “oversold.”
If there were nothing to the “Republicans pounce” headline, it never would have become a joke among conservatives who notice that whenever a Democrat faces bad publicity, the story is always about Republicans’ reaction.
He’s completely right. The media will never start to regain credibility in this country until you start recognizing your unabashed bias. You are literally a joke among the majority of Americans.
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Where's the lie, though? Whenever Repubs do something stupid the media says they did something stupid, but when Dems do something stupid the story is about Repubs reacting. The hypocrisy is clear.
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