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HOLY CRAP! It gets worse: Evidence against Jussie Smollett presented in ‘stunning detail’ [pics]

So it looks like Jussie Smollett doesn’t have to get fitted for his prison jumpsuit just yet:
JUST IN: Smollett's bond set at $100,000. He'll be out of custody soon. Next hearing scheduled for March 14th.

Smollett will be required to pay 10% of bond. Payment will be made, he'll be processed and released.

Released … and free to get back to work, apparently:
4. @JussieSmollett bail set at $100,000 and he has to surrender his passport. Apparently he’ll be returning later today to the set of Empire. Per @nickwattcnn

Not too shabby.
A relatively small price to pay for what he evidently did:
Judge hearing evidence said “if the statement read to me is true it is utterly outrageous. The most despicable thing about this is the noose.” The judge called that a depiction of “evil”.

5. Illinois State Prosecutor: Smollett texted one of the brothers and said "might need your help on the low...you available to meet face to face?"

6. Illinois State Prosecutor: Smollett told one of the brothers that he was upset with the lack of response after he received a threatening letter in the mail. And asked him to help stage an attack.

ASA Ressa Lanier reads bond proffer to the press. Says Abel O knew provided with “Molly” prior to the attack. Claims Smollett told Abel he “wanted to stage an attack” asking his brother Ola to help.

So Smollett was also regularly buying drugs from Abel Osundairo? On top of everything else?
Prosecutors say Jussie Smollett detailed his plans for the staged attack with two brothers from Chicago. Prosecutors say he gave them $100 cash to buy supplies including gasoline to pour on him.

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ASA Lanier says pod video shows the rehearsal of the attack where showed the brothers the video camera he thought would capture it. When PD arrived showed them the camera. There was no video of the attack.

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Prosecutors say at 12:49am (the morning of the reported attack) there's a phone call between the brothers and Smollett to set the time for the attack.

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Prosecutors cite the Good Morning American interview where Jussie Smollett indicated he was positive the brothers seen in surveillance video were his attackers.

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The morning of the attack while filing the original incident report, prosecutors say Smollett told police he also received a phone call that included a racial slur.

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Prosecutors say Jussie Smollett had an 8 minute phone call with one of the brothers after the brothers landed in Istanbul, Turkey after the reported attack.

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A prosecutor says Jussie Smollett received a letter with white powder that was determined to be crushed ibuprofen tablets

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Here’s the bond proffer. You’ve really gotta read this thing:
What a sh*tshow.

I've honestly never seen a sloppier plan in my life than Jussie's desperate cry for attention. What a moron.

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