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‘It’s TIRESOME’: Megyn Kelly calls the media OUT for virtue signaling over #JussieSmollettHoax and Lefties just can’t DEAL

Megyn Kelly calling out the media for their ridiculous, obnoxious, virtue-signaling over the Jussie Smollett story before knowing all of the facts is one of her best tweets ever. It’s been a while since we’ve covered Megyn and it’s good to actually see her making some noise over this situation especially when so many in her field are acting like unhinged activists.
J. Smollett case had plenty of red flags, but media was too attached to storyline (& victimhood) to see/admit them. Once again, journos dedicated more to proving *themselves* virtuous than to reporting facts botch the story. It’s tiresome & won’t change.
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It IS tiresome and it WON’T change, even though they keep getting caught over and over again. Think about what happened with the Covington Catholic High School kids, you’d think they’d have learned a lesson then but nope, here we are again.
And of course, since Megyn made a valid point the Left is all over her thread shaking their tiny angry fists and having a temper tantrum.

You have no idea how hard it was not to reply to this person with, ‘Your mom is not a journalist.’
Wait, we did make that joke just now.
So many sexists on the Left.
Remember how she said it won’t change?
These folks won’t change either.
Which is a good thing for Trump in 2020. #SorryNotSorry

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