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‘Lmao you mad’: Senior adviser to Hillary Clinton SLAMS the media for welcoming back 2016 loser Bernie Sanders

Philippe Reines, a former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, lashed out at the media this morning for welcoming back failed 2016 Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders:
Hillary Clinton, 70
Won 2016 Popular Vote by 2,864,903
Won 2016 Primaries by 3,708,294
Media: go away.

Bernie Sanders, age 77
Lost 2016 Primaries by 3,708,294 votes

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He’s still a little angry we see:

Now, he’s not saying that Bernie shouldn’t be allowed to run, just that he should be held to the same standards as everyone else:
And don’t you dare bring up how the DNC had its finger on the scale for Hillary in 2016:
I think she won by 3,708,294 so when you all scream about the DNC you are delusional.

Worse than delusional, Bernie supporters have done nothing for two years but spew their delusions at the 16,914,722 who voted for Hillary in 2016.

aka 16,914,722 undecided 2020 primary voters.
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He even has a slogan for Bernie’s 2020 run, which we actually kind of like:

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