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Mum wants Government prosecuted after daughter takes own life when benefits stopped

A grieving mother has called for the Government to face prosecution after her disabled daughter took her own life days after her benefits were stopped.
Joy Dove found her daughter Jodey Whiting's body surrounded by goodbye notes, Teesside Live reports.
The Department for Work and Pensions repeatedly broke its own rules prior to mum-of-nine Jodey's death two years ago, a report has revealed, amid "multiple failings" by officials.
A watchdog has said the "blunt and insensitive" DWP should apologise and pay Jodey's family £10,000 over its handling of her case.
But Jodey's mum, Joy, has called it an 'insult'.
Joy branded the cash "blood money" and claims she has not been paid a penny.
Saying she will take legal advice, she claimed: "They killed my daughter.
"If that was me, I'd be taken to court. I want the same to happen to them."
"Loving" Jodey took several tablets a day - including morphine - for the crippling pain which left her barely able to even crawl from her Teesside home.
It meant the former shop assistant, who also battled severe mental health issues, was forced into early retirement.
But after missing one work capability assessment, her benefits were halted.
Just over two weeks later, her inquest heard she took her own life because of that decision.
"The last thing I said to her was 'don't worry if you don't get your money back, I'll go to the Gazette," recalled Joy.
"But she said "I love you, I'm going to go to sleep mam."
Joy would discover her body, surrounded by farewell notes to the family Jodey's mum said she doted on.
One read: "I love my kids - I've just had had enough."
"She loved them to bits - she was the best mum," beamed Joy.
She said as a child Jodey loved dolls, and grew up dreaming that one she would be a mum herself.
But The Independent Case Examiner (ICE) has ruled there were "significant failings in the events leading up to her death".
It found:
  • "Service failures" from the DWP after she died - including a letter confirming her benefits had been cut
  • The department repeatedly failed to apologise for its shortcomings
  • The DWP failed five times to follow its own safeguarding rules
"It is clear that Jodey was vulnerable, had been suffering from severe mental health issues and had said she was suicidal," reads the report.
"I find it extremely disappointing that in investigating the complaints (Joy) raised, we have seen that DWP have either failed to investigate, or failed to acknowledge, the extent of events in Jodey's case."
The regulator ordered the "DWP apologise and make a consolatory payment" for £10,000.
The payment would be, in part, for the "uncertainty and distress that the knowledge of DWP's repeated failures to follow their safeguarding procedures" would have caused her family.
Yet despite living near the hard-up estate made famous on Channel Four's 'Benefit Street', Joy said she'd consider donating the money to charity.
"I was shocked (to hear) about the money, but when you think it is their fault she died, it is nothing," said the pensioner.
"It cost £6,500 just to bury her and for the headstone, and to think she had nine kids, and grandkids, the money won't go far.
"Really it is an insult.
"I'd sooner wait and not bother with the money just to show them how they helped her to commit suicide ."
Addressing what ICE acknowledged was a "highly unusual case", a DWP spokesperson said: "We apologise to Ms Whiting’s family for the failings in how we handled her case and the distress this caused them.
“Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time and we are providing compensation.
"We fully accept the Independent Case Examiner’s findings and are reviewing our procedures to ensure this doesn't happen again."
It agreed to complete the watchdog's recommendations by March 21.
But as she marks two years since her final goodbye to her "beautiful" daughter, Joy is committed to her 'Justice For Jodey' campaign.
And she's planning getting legal advice, as well as raising her case in Parliament .
And she's vowed to keep fighting the DWP, adding: "They are only doing any of this because they've been made to."

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