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So THIS was embarrassing: AOC’s ‘clapback’ at Conservative who OWNED her on Amazon with a metaphor FLOPS spectacularly

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s reaction to Amazon pulling out of New York City proved what we knew all along … she’s just not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to economics. Or government. Or policy.
Or much of anything.
But we digress.
Boomieleaks perhaps summed her position on Amazon up best of all with a tweet about pizza coupons; yes, Twitter is weird.
Costumer: “I’d like to order 25 pizzas. I have a 10-dollar-off coupon I’d like to use, too.”@AOC: “No, you must pay full menu price! I will not accept your evil coupon.”

Costumer: “I’ll just take my business elsewhere.”@AOC: “Hey boss I just saved us $10 can I have a raise?”
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The joke, of course, being that the pizza place lost out on selling the pizzas …
AOC didn’t seem to get it though.

Umm … yeah, wow.
More like.. we can’t cook pizzas because we ran out of cheese, sauce, and bread thanks to socialism. But everyone has money!!!
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Anyone else want pizza now?
Yeah, and if the company printed the coupon it should be honored. If not the customer has every right to go to a different company. The only one loosing is the company missing out of the $ they would have earned. It's like you dont understand economics at all.
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We checked to make sure it was her and not a parody.
True story.
You have to address the fact that you postured (on video) that this deal breaking off saved NY 3 billion dollars when it did not. That's where the satire behind the tweet is coming from.
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We’ve found it’s better not to ask.
Always fun reading AOC.


  1. This level of stupidity should not be allowed to exist in any branch of gov't, the legislative branch especially.

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  3. Remember how dumb Elaine got on Seinfeld when she couldn't have sex for a long time? It's never been about politics. She just needs to get laid. Even money she's still a virgin.

  4. Speaking of economics ... I can't fathom how it was good that New York gave up 3 Billion it did't have and let some bimbo talk Amazon out of making 25 Billion available through future taxes. This is far too sad to be funny. She should be pitied not laughed at. The fun part will be when somebody gets a swift kick to the head.