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‘What the eff’? WaPo engaging in pure ‘victimhood fantasy’ with this opinion piece on Jussie Smollett case

With the complete collapse of the Jussie Smollett case all but imminent, media firefighters are scrambling to spin their way out of the mess they’ve helped to perpetuate.

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Right, @brianstelter, it’s not about the media.

Washington Post reported 3 times the attack happened without using allegedly. Great super bowl ad tho.

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Let’s check in on our pals at the Washington Post and see how they’re handling one of the most public yet of their many humiliations.
So, instead of trying to pretend they never ran with Smollett’s “hate crime” narrative, they’ve opted to turn the fact that there was no hate crime into a negative. Well, that’s certainly an interesting approach …

You’re glad to have been able to publish a garbage opinion piece complaining about the lack of a hate crime ruining your hate crime narrative? You do you, WaPo. You do you.
Has there been any single retraction or apology by anyone who jumped on the Smollet story? Anyone?
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Definitely not.
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Oh. My. Word.
"...that reason, more than any other, is why I need this story to be true, despite its ugliness and despite what it would say about the danger of the world I live in."

"...I need this story to be true..."

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Hopefully, you mean your heart is breaking because you trusted Jussie Smollett, and he let you down. Otherwise, it sounds like you desperately wanted two MAGA rednecks pouring bleach and attempting to lynch him to be true. That’s it, isn’t it? You’re mourning your failed bias.
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What the eff WaPo do you even realize what this headline *isn’t* saying?

“It breaks my heart Trump supporters aren’t roaming the streets of Chicago lynching people because I’d rather be proven right than have to confront my glaring psychological blindspots.”
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Not gonna say I’m shocked but oh my god that’s the exact conclusion they come to—that and “it’s bad for the people who love the show” with zero self-reflection or sense that this is actually a *good* thing. jfc.
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You’ve got to be a special kind of twisted for this to be your takeaway from a hoax.

This is the best nested comment I’ve read so far. “Victimhood fantasy” should be a new entry in the Webster dictionary.
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1 comment:

  1. Smollett is friends with Kamala Harris who had a "anti-lynching" bill pending before congress when this fake attack was staged. It has since passed on a voice vote thanks to the false sympathy and publicity this fake attack generated.
    The Nigerian dudes stated that this attack HAD to occur before Jan 29th,WHY?
    Because the vote on this bill was coming up. In other words, he staged this attack for the benefit of K.Harris. IS she involved? Probably, check the communications between these two!!