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‘Why did Comey lie under oath?’ Mollie Hemingway shares thread of questions Andrew McCabe would HATE to answer

Andrew McCabe has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do after last week when he all but admitted he had tried to form a coup while in office (you know, before he got fired). After the story broke, ol’ Andy did a bunch of backpedaling and of course, the media did their part to spin and bury the story, but Mollie Hemingway found a thread of tough questions for McCabe to answer.
Which means he will never answer any of them but man, we really wish he would.
Take a look.
Right? Since he’s so eager to talk to the media right now, it’s the perfect time for McCabe to answer some real questions.
.@andersoncooper, @SavannahGuthrie. Since you both asked, here are some questions for your upcoming interviews with Andy McCabe.

1) You told @ScottPelley, "I was fired because I opened an investigation into the president." You secretly opened the investigation in May 2017.

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Oooh, that’s inconvenient.

- an article for which you seem to have been a primary source. At the time of your firing, nobody outside the FBI and DoJ knew that you had opened the Trump investigation. So, again - why were you fired from the FBI?

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We know we know!
2) You told @ScottPelley one of your predicates for opening the investigation was Trump's insistence that DAG Rosenstein include "Russia" in the firing memo - you said you found that to be an "articulable fact that indicated that a crime may have been committed."
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You made it sound as if Trump was asking Rosenstein to fire Comey because of "Russia" and to write that in the memo. You know as well as anyone that Trump wanted Rosenstein to note in the memo that Comey had told Trump on three occasions that he wasn't under investigation for...
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..."Russia" - in fact, Trump attached a note to that effect on the memo. Why did you purposely mischaracterize Trump's desire to include "Russia" in the firing memo? Given the articulable fact that the reason Trump wanted "Russia" mentioned was to tell the country what Comey...
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Why would McCabe try to purposely mischaracterize Trump?
We’re totally stumped.
...had told him privately, what crime, exactly, did Trump possibly commit in this instance?

3) James Comey testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in May 2017 that he had never authorized anyone in the FBI to be an anonymous source of information leaked to the...
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...media related to either the Trump or Clinton investigations. You told the IG that you consulted with Comey about the @WSJ leak that got you fired, and that he was okay with it. Your lawyer said you've got emails and phone records to prove it. Why did Comey lie under oath to...
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And yea, that’ll do for a start.
This ‘Jason’ person seems far too interested in the truth to be a journalist these days.
Wow. That’s a good set and it is only tip of the iceberg. However I won’t hold my breath and wait for media to ask. It will have to be the senate committees that need to do the job
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And even then, we’re still not holding our breath.

Woudn’t that be nice? But sorry, they’re too busy trying to figure out how they can pretend they didn’t just push a fake hate crime story to be overly concerned about reporting the actual news. And besides, they would never want to do anything that might frame Trump in a positive light.

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