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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims the entire premise of a border wall is based on racism and bigotry

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose response to a question about her sister Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks pivoted to “a disturbing pattern of these remarks coming from the Republican party,” has something to say about racism and bigotry and the proposed border wall. The wall is racist, obviously, but then she added some nonsense about racism and bigotry being needed to be addressed as an inextricably linked system. Or something.
The entire PREMISE of a wall is not based in fact.

It’s based in a racist + non-evidence based trope that immigrants are dangerous.

Yet some Dems are willing to “compromise” & spend BILLIONS on a trope because we’ve accepted some kinds of racism as realpolitik in America.

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None of this is “whataboutism.” Racism and bigotry of all forms is inextricably linked.

When you don’t address them as a system and attempt to pick them apart as though they are distinct and separable issues, eventually the thing that gets advanced is white supremacy + classism.

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Of course a socialist would be against anything that advanced classism. But can’t we acknowledge without being called racists that some illegal immigrants are dangerous, and as a sovereign nation we’d like to have a little bit of control over which immigrants enter the country?
Has she ever proposed an alternative to the border wall, or should we just assume she’s another open-borders Democrat?
The rule of law applies to everyone. Latinos from other countries don’t have a special skin color exemption. We have a process of legal immigration, we choose the people that get to become Americans because THIS is our country & we don’t want those w/o respect for law coming here

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Can me, my wife, and my two kids come live with you for free and have you pay our health insurance while we get sorted out? We aren’t criminals, we just need “debt” asylum paid for by someone else.

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Of course you can! According to her the rich shouldn't be that rich, so go help her get rid of what she "shouldn't" have. I mean like hurry, she's like the boss and all, she set the rules up 😉

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My dear, a wall, barrier, whatever is in itself not racist. Wanting to protect your country is not racist. Walls work. They stop people from going where you don’t want them to go. We need to stop the traffic of illegal immigrants into our country. BARRIERS Work.

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“...address them as a system.” Oh boy. Someone’s putting sociology 101 to good use. Did you paraphrase that bit, or quote your professor directly?

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Can you just tweet ONCE without your "elementary making up of words?" At least now when you hang out with the people on the "tippy top" ....maybe you could use a dictionary or thesaurus?

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Who is the company or person that does your tweets. It's blatantly obvious these are not your words.

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I'm torn between whether you spout gibberish or nonsense. I know it's absurd BS, but I'm not sure exactly which side of the inane spectrum it all falls on. Where do you get the time for all this twitter nonsense?

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But it is whataboutism. You’ve been ignoring many other factors and blaming everything on difference in the amount of pigment in human skin. It’s not that simple and if you think it is, then you’re too simple for this task. Don’t go all Trumpy because ppl disagree with you.

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You're dead wrong AOC. Get your postmodern neo-Marxism out of here. We see your game.

We see right through it.

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How do you still not understand that the United States cannot support every person that wants to come here? There is a legal process for immigrating to the US. Nothing about that is racist. How can you stand up for non citizens over your own citizens?

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Wow you're stupid. Everything you said in this thread is inaccurate. I'll address the wall, which is not being built because immigrants are dangerous, but because we can't afford benefits for non-citizens.
You, like all others in Wash., have the obligation to work for Americans.

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Time to pull that overused race card out of the deck! This is NOT about racism! It’s about the *rule of law,* which clearly defines & distinguishes legal vs illegal immigration! We grant more immigrants entrance into our country each year, legally, than any country in the world!

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The wall is based on the FACT that we have an actual border. Hard to grasp but a lot of similarity with why you would lock the door when you’re taking a dump. Safety for all parties involved.

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Secure borders are not racist or radical.
I realize you're new at this & perhaps you're not up to speed with the history of illegal immigration through our southern border.

Cyclical amnesty, weak enforcement & laws antithetical to security have made things worse.


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You ignore racism from Omar but shovel this in our faces... Be a bit consistent will ya...

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Why don’t you get off the “Cause Seeking Platform”. The manufactured issues are basically foundationless. There truly is an issue at the border. Our Homeland Defense Personnel have testified to such yet you and several others continue to try and minimize that reality. Why?

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Jayson, I am a fan of hers but agree with you. They're pouring in by the thousands but my fellow Dems don't seem to want to talk about it. what gives?

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Not sure. What concerns me outside of this is I don’t see leadership and not just from her but the majority of our representatives. I am very tired of “Race Baiting and Labels”. We are Americans regardless of race. We need leaders that unify us not divide.

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I don't think you understand the word "illegal", and you encouraging illegal actions is both unethical and and not based on any facts. As a person in a position of power to blame things on "white supremacy" shows how little you belong in the position you are in and your racism.

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Racism,bigotry: words used by liberals when they have no facts to support their position. They use these words when attempting to bully their opposition into silence. They can also be found using words such as xenophobia, homophobia, and sexist

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It’s OK, though; they’re working on that resolution to condemn hate speech from all -isms; they’re just not sure now how long it will take to hammer out.
No it’s not based on racism! That’s what you want naive thinkers to believe! What would you have if it wasn’t a race card?? Nothing! You are scarier than any wall. Go back to bar tending...please!
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Your constant practice of calling every single thing you disagree with "racist" is getting very tiring.
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Don’t laugh. In five years, she will have five homes, all with other people’s money. That’s socialism. The more she spews hate, the more the media loves her. @cnn SCARY
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Whoever it is, give them a day off, would you?

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