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Alyssa Milano wants to destroy Georgia’s film industry to preserve sacrament of abortion

A lot of Hollywood productions have moved to Georgia for the tax breaks (we thought liberals loved paying their fair share), but Hollywood’s conscience hasn’t fully taken root in Georgia, where some people still consider a fetus with a beating heart a baby.
On Friday, Georgia’s Senate passed a “heartbeat bill” that would roll back the period in which a woman could seek an abortion to six weeks, when a heartbeat is detectable. The bill makes exceptions for rape and incest, allowing abortion up to 20 weeks. And that has actress Alyssa Milano calling for Hollywood to pull its business out of the state.
There are over 20 productions shooting in GA & the state just voted to strip women of their bodily autonomy.

Hollywood! We should stop feeding GA economy.

Heartbeat bill approved by Georgia Senate http://11alive.com  https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=@11AliveNews 

Because of the right to an abortion, straight through the third trimester and possibly afterward if a baby survives a botched abortion and is delivered alive.
Not sure if serious …
Georgia doesn’t understand it’s important actresses be able to abort children past the point of birth. Most actresses are raped daily by Weinstein-types. Without appropriate women’s healthcare, they would be forced to keep the babies. Hollywood must leave and move to NY or CO.

Why would a man drag his wife to this horrible, horrible country that treats women so badly and strips them of their human rights?

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  1. When the citizens of this nation are completely enslaved, their children even worse off, then they can thank themselves, because laws demanding Abortion, meant the end of this nation.
    Demanding, you darn right, as in 'you go girl,' and all that idiot programming crap.
    Our homes have been invaded by murderous idiots, so, our nation is doomed.