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Andy Ngo reports on the epidemic of hoax hate crimes against LGBT people in Portland

Journalist Andy Ngo did a fantastic job covering the Jussie Smollet story, and in case you missed it, he and Ben Shapiro appeared on “Dr. Phil” to discuss hoax hate crimes. Now he’s taking his reporting to the New York Post.
Portland is suffering an epidemic of crimes against LGBT people -- except they're actually hoaxes.

Andy Ngo makes his NYPost debut with a blockbuster piece of reporting that should spur a national conversation. https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland 

Now he’s written a piece in the New York Post on hoax hate crimes in Portland, and the numbers are pretty staggering.
Are LGBT people being beaten nearly to death & even killed on the streets of Portland in unprovoked attacks? Or are we actually being hoaxed? I dig into the story behind Portland’s latest moral panic blaming Trump supporters for a rash of hate crimes: https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=mail_app 

A GoFundMe for activist Sophia Gabrielle Stanford went viral after it was alleged she was "violently attacked from behind with a baseball bat" by transphobes. That's not at all what the police reports say. Read my story for the @nypost: https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland/ 

"Fat-queer" activist Jenny Bruso claimed in viral FB/Twitter posts that her partner Brie Jones was attacked by homophobes. She said, "Yes, it’s been reported" but police have no record of a report or even a call. In fact, police say couple ignored them. https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland/ 

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Activists started sharing "attack alerts" & distributing flyers around Portland w/photos & names of people they blamed. Number of alleged hate attacks grew from 2 to 15. Portland was now in a moral panic about marauding right-wing gangs hunting LGBT. https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland/ 

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Jenny Bruso deleted her FB post detailing the alleged hate attack after people started raising questions. She wrote: “I, WE, owe you NOTHING” & that people were getting “triggered.” On Twitter, she mocked someone for “mansplaining” who raised valid points. https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland 

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Not a pathologist but what stood out from photos shared by Jenny Bruso of her partner Brie Jones is that her nose bridge doesn’t have an injury consistent w/having face hit & glasses breaking from the impact. Also, the glasses aren’t broken as she said. https://nypost.com/2019/03/30/inside-the-suspicious-rise-of-gay-hate-crimes-in-portland 

Ngo writes:
Outside of the initial allegation by [trans activist Sophia Gabrielle] Stanford, none of the purported incidents of beatings, killings or kidnapping were — I confirmed with Portland police — reported to authorities.
Did these crimes really happen? Wilfred Reilly, a political scientist at Kentucky State and author of the book “Hate Crime Hoax,” says the nonreporting and cinematic narrative are indications they might not have.
“If you were actually beaten by a group of homophobes, you’d go down to the precinct house before you’d go on Twitter and Facebook,” he says. Through his research, Reilly has collected more than 500 cases of American hate hoaxes concentrated mostly between 2013 and 2018.
Patterns he identifies among them are the lack of evidence, reluctance to cooperate with police, sensational claims, the presence of fundraising and the involvement of radical activists — all of which appear to be happening in Portland.
It’s no secret that Portland has its share of radical activists. Are so many “hate crimes” claimed because of what Columbia professor John McWhorter called the rise of “victimhood chic”?
If you've ever lived or even visited Portland you would know it's highly unlikely that LGBTQ people are being attacked regularly. How are people buying this in a place such as Portland?

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Deceitful. Not only that, if you stop and think about it, why would these people find anything positive in smearing their own city as being so hateful? Weird. I don’t understand liberals.

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Strange question, I know, but was there bleach and/or a noose involved in any of these? I only ask because everybody knows that Portland is MAGA country.

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Antifa attacked my best friend Alyssa who is trans and no one cares about that?
They jumped her and sprayed her with mace. LGBT community told her it’s what she deserved for being friends with right winged activist. Not cool.

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The future of this false narrative will be coined "The Smollett Effect." If you're willing to be a lying leftist race-baiter, you will be launched into progressive hero status. This nonsense is not a game. It's a thriving evil business.

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And Jussie Smollett just made it easier for these people to keep doing this. These people should be arrested for creating hoax crimes.

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I'm so glad I've disassociated myself from the LGBT community. Honestly, what they've become is quite pathetic in my opinion.

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Dwindling supplies of ACTUAL intolerance threatens threatens peculiar lefties, creating a market for clever knock-offs. Mere tolerance isn’t enough. Dedicated deviants thirst for broad notice and the outright endorsement of of their lifestyles. Indifference is infuriating.

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I've followed Andy's other hoax thread and it's incredible. Is there any similar compilation of *actual* hate crimes occurring?

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@MrAndyNgo I can’t say enough how well written and researched your article is. Thank you sir. I’ll read anything you write because where I’m usually left with more questions than answers with other journalists, you did the diligence. Amazing piece. Keep up the great work.

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Are mainstream journalists picking up on this? Astonishing they are allowing you to walk off with the story of the year.

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In a sane world you would be up for a Pulitzer for the level of journalism you produce. Heroic stuff. Researching how to patreon you right away.

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  2. A Man Was Sentenced To 20 Years For A Swatting Hoax That Ended With An Innocent Person Being Killed..nough said...