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Bloomberg wants to know what it would take for the US to follow New Zealand and ban semi-automatics

Just six days after a mass shooter killed 49 people at two mosques in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced all assault weapons and “military-style automatic weapons” would be banned, and there would be a mandatory buy-back program to get every weapon out of the hands of New Zealand’s citizens.
Plenty of Americans cheered, among them 2020 presidential candidates, apparently impressed with how quickly a government could just unilaterally clamp down on its citizens’ freedoms in response to something that had already happened and couldn’t be prevented.
Now Bloomberg is asking what it would take for America to do the same? First clue: this is America, not New Zealand.
It took them the same amount of days to prosecute you if you happen to possess a copy of the manifesto. I'd argue it's very hard to have a system that can achieve the former without also having the power to achieve the latter.

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What would it take to ram through a sweeping and unconstitutional ban of the most commonly owned rifle in the US, including requiring gun owners to turn them in?

You just need Dems in charge of the legislative and executive branches. Now, enforcing that law’s a different story.

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But it’s a “mandatory” buy-back.


  1. first the 2nd amendment cannot be changed--none of the first 10 amendments can be changed or amended--also there are 200 yrs of cases upholding the rights of the people to have arms and lastly the "dick act of 1902" can never be repealed--read it--then know the govt is powerless to try and change anything---

    1. The people engineering these "shootings" figure if they kill or pretend to kill enough people in sensational "mass shootings" we dummies will gladly turn in out guns.

      So then what happens? History tells us. THEN the slaughter with GUNS begins. ONLY Governments can commit Genocide and they ALWAYS take the guns FIRST.

      Keep your guns PREVENT Genocide.

  2. Hey Bloomberg, this is America. Remember? We don't follow anyone!!

    1. Will Bloomturd turn in his GUNS. Nope.

  3. A war because thats what you will get if you even try to take the guns, the time to use your guns is when the state tries to take them.

  4. I'll gladly turn in my few guns; you'll see me standing in the long line, waiting to do so. I'll be right behind the military people and the cops who are turning theirs in.

  5. Bloomberg knows who commits gun crimes but he uses them to call for dis-arming the rest of us.


  6. Check out jimstone.is.

    Hes posted some pics that show this was a poorly executed hoax.

  7. They will take ALL the guns, Many will die playin Alamo.
    The Country is dead. Only countrys can have self defense Not the people or the families.
    He who does not respect you and your human rigt to self protection, is your enemy.