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BOO and YAH! Trey Gowdy dropped a WHOLE lotta truth about Schiff, Russia and Hillary and the Left just CAN’T DEAL (watch)

Does it get any better than Trey Gowdy kicking the schitt out of Adam Schiff and the Democrats over what really happened in Russia and reminding them the only campaign that actually took money from Russians was the one whose mascot is a jacka*s?
Dude, so good.
Don’t take our word for it, watch him instead.

Trey Gowdy says that Democrats need to acknowledge that it was only Hillary Clinton’s campaign that accepted support from Russia in 2016.

Schitt … err … Schiff will never acknowledge how dirty Hillary was (is), he can’t even be honest that he doesn’t really have any evidence proving Trump colluded. He’s still spinning for all he’s worth hoping his base doesn’t figure out how much he lied to them over the past two years.

Told ya’.
Fair point. Every time we think Hillary MIGHT actually have to deal with the teensiest of consequences for her actions it’s a big ol’ nothingburger. Although there are some who would say her losing the election was the biggest consequence of all for her actions but we digress.
Cue the freakout:
Nope. The indictments and evidence to date is actionable. Trump's the chump who toyed with treason. All his.

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If you say so, Karen.

Trey who ??? That guy that persecuted Hillary for 6 years ? Never found a single thing ? The guy who gave up in disgrace? That jerk?

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Thirsty. So thirsty.
And damn, these people CANNOT meme.

This is getting good …

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