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Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib posts picture of 'hateful and bullying' note left on her office door and addressed to her colleague Ilhan Omar accusing her of 'jihad against the Jews' (2 Pics)

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has posted a picture of a 'hateful and bullying' note left on her office door addressed to her colleague Ilhan Omar accusing her of 'jihad against the Jews'. 
The Democrat shared the scribbled message to her Twitter page, telling her followers the 'fear mongering and blantant (sic) lies' needs to stop.
The handwritten post-it note said: 'Rep Omar, stop your disgusting Jew hatred. Your sign says "Justice for all". That means Jews too. Your Jihad against the Jews will fail. Am Yisrael Chai!' 
The last line references a Jewish song that translates to 'the people of Israel live'. 
Tlaib, who is Muslim, wrote: 'This is the hateful rhetoric & bullying on my door today. Stop the fear mongering & blantant (sic) lies. Come here w/ the value that all beings deserve human rights, including Palestinians. 
'@IlhanMN & I fight for equality & justice for all. There's nothing antisemitic about that!' 
Omar, who is one of the first Muslim women in Congress, provoked outrage last month when she suggested that supporters of Israel were urging lawmakers to have 'allegiance to a foreign country'.
Just weeks before that, the congresswoman faced widespread backlash for suggesting that pro-Israel lobbyist group AIPAC was buying political support from members in Congress. 
'It's all about the Benjamins baby,' read her controversial tweet, which referenced $100 bills. Omar later apologized. 
The first-term Minnesota Congresswoman's repeated criticisms of Israel and a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington have been widely condemned as anti-Semitic. 
Omar, a former Somali refugee, was assailed by Democrats and Republicans alike for the comments.
Several lawmakers expressed outrage, warning that Omar was peddling in age-old anti-Semitic tropes about Jews having dual allegiances.
The politician later apologized for the comment but Republicans have kept citing it as evidence of creeping bigotry.
She faced hundreds of protesters waving Israeli flags in California over the weekend following her controversial remarks about Israel. 


  1. The American people have gotten extraordinarily tired of the demands, bullying, and blackmail the American government has received from the fully nuclear armed, viciously apartheid, theocracy which is what Israel has become in the 21st century.

    And we have one word for you: enough!!

    We will provide you no more American military to get slaughtered or maimed for life in the process of "neutralizing" all your alleged existential threats in the Middle East. And of course, as we both know, that includes all of your neighbors in the region.

    And on top of that, sir, we would appreciate it greatly if the US government immediately pull all financial and military aid from your country immediately, as all this aid is completely illegal under the Symington Amendment.

    We the people would like to see this accomplished and immediately, sir. The days of the host/parasite relationship between the Us government and that of Israel may well be coming to a very abrupt halt, and it is damn well about time, sir!!!

    Sun comes up, Israel demands money. Sun goes down, Israel demands money. Moon waxes, Israel demands money. Moon wanes, Israel demands money. Weather is sunny, Israel demands money. Weather is rainy, Israel demands money. I sense a pattern here!

  2. Looks as though note left by one of those children Parents bribed the school for acceptance. "That means Jews TOO? Or possibly from some liberal aid with a GED.

  3. I used to have sympathy for the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel. But no longer, thanks to Rashida Tlaib. She is hateful.