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Gets WORSE: Kim Foxx says Smollett would’ve been convicted at trial (claims dropping charges was ‘alternative prosecution’)

This Jussie Smollett story just seems to get stranger and stranger. We get it, fake hate crime stories are strange enough already but wow, this is insane.
Like Kim Foxx saying she believes Smollett would have been convicted at trial …

Chicago state's attorney says Jussie Smollett would have been convicted at trial. Says dropping all charges was 'alternative prosecution.' From @Suntimes: 'Kim Foxx: We would have convicted Jussie Smollett if case went to trial.' http://ow.ly/3ZGE30oe1rh 

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So he’s guilty?
Yes? No?
Good to be a Democrat.
From the Chicago Sun-Times:
Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx on Wednesday defended her office’s decision to drop all charges against “Empire” star Jussie Smollett but said prosecutors had enough evidence to convict the actor of faking a hate-crime attack on himself.
Foxx began a string of interviews with local media, as Smollett’s lawyers took to the airwaves to declare Smollett’s innocence following an unusual, hastily called hearing Tuesday at which prosecutors dropped 16 felony counts tied to the alleged hoax attack.
Foxx said that the deal, which essentially wipes Smollett’s record clear, was not a sign that the prosecution case was weak or that Smollett was innocent, and said similar low-level felony defendants are cut the same breaks.
“The notion that this somehow exonerates him or that the prosecutors somehow believed he was innocent is very frustrating to [my] idea of alternative prosecution,” a hoarse-voiced Foxx said late Wednesday in an interview with The Chicago Sun-Times. “But I understand that [Smollett’s lawyers] have a client, and they have a spin.”
Yup, his attorneys have to spin so much they’re insinuating they may sue Chicago PD.

So bad.
Don’t look at us, we just work here.

We just don’t see how this ends well for anyone.

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  1. "It’s a Big Club, and We Ain’t in It"
    America for the "exceptional" few-----who are well connected to Hollywood, Wall Street or the Swamp in DC.
    Jussu Smellit floating on top of septic tank. I always knew turds could float.