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‘He LIED!’ Rep. Dan Crenshaw just DROPPED all sorts of mics on Adam Schiff’s latest ridiculous claims about the #MuellerReport

Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell and a plethora of other Democrats are spinning Mueller finishing his report (which looks to be a total dud) into some grand conspiracy by the GOP to silence the report so the American people can’t see it. We suppose they think this makes Americans question whether or not Mueller is somehow covering for Trump or that the president himself wants to edit the report to cover his tracks but c’mon already.
Why WOULDN’T the Right want to see the report? It will only make the Left look like the wasteful, shrieky, thin-skinned, spoiled little rage monkies they really are.
Rep. Dan Crenshaw brought down the proverbial thunder:
.@repadamschiff said he had direct evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

(He lied.)

They claimed Republicans don’t want transparency.

(We do.)

They said Trump will interfere with the report.

(He didn’t.)

The misinformation about the Mueller probe is rampant.

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We don’t yet know what’s in the report.

We do know that transparency is necessary. It’s the only way to put the false narratives to rest.

I encourage DOJ to share with Congress, so we can hear for ourselves, and not via other members with a poltical agenda.

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But the GOP wants to edit the report and stuff because although Mueller didn’t recommend any further indictments HE’S HIDING SOMETHING that will totally get Trump impeached and stuff!
Imagine being so wrapped up in losing an election you’re grasping at straws like these?
We so need this emoji.
Crenshaw literally just said the report should be released and transparency is important and this person is accusing him of covering for the GOP.
This is what Democrats have done to their own voters, made them paranoid and untrusting of anyone who disagrees with them.
It’s sad, really.
When will Schiff be investigated? His calculated partisan mis information is damaging to this country and in my opinion treason.
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Psh, silly, he’s a Democrat.
To be fair, you want transparency, but you are not all Republicans. There are a vast number who don't want transparency and who have already made up their mind.
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We have YET to see any Republican who wants this report hidden … but hey, whatever helps these folks sleep better at night.

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