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He’s taking this Russia thing really well, OH WAIT: Rob Reiner out-crazies HIMSELF trying to rally the Left for 2020 (stand back!)

One of the first accounts we checked out after Mueller wrapped up his investigation and concluded that Trump had not colluded with Russia was Meathead himself, Rob Reiner. Because we knew he’d be taking it SO WELL …
Oh, wait.
Never mind.
It IS Meathead we’re talking about.
When you are told by our intel agencies that Russia is attacking our election and you encourage it, that’s collusion. When you attack the investigation and lie about it, that’s obstruction. When you ram an AG through that spins an unseen report, that’s a cover up.
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When the guy who was put in charge of determining whether or not Trump colluded says he did NOT, that’s NOT collusion.
Poor Rob, he had so much invested in this whole Russia, Russia, Russia thing. He’s spent two years shrieking about it and for what? Nada. Zip. Zero collusion.

Man, that’s gotta hurt.
Surely though, Rob has taken a deep breath and is reflecting on the damage his rhetoric could do, not only to his party but to this country as well, right?
Due the Criminal would be Autocrat that sits in our WH, we are facing three existential threats. 1.Survival of millions of Americans through loss of health care. 2.Survival of the planet by rejecting climate change. 3.Survival of Democracy. It’s all on the line in 2020. Fight!
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So in one tweet, Rob told his millions of followers that Trump is trying to kill them in more ways than one … because that’s not batsh*t or anything.
Think people are getting tired of the crazy on the Left? Yeah, we do too.
Love you but everyday you say about the same thing....let's talk about doing instead.
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Move on, Meathead. Even your supporters are sick of the constant crazy.

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  1. Ok, it's been said, but I will say it again, Archie Bunker was right about his meat head son-in-law!