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Most EPIC trolling of Hillary Clinton, EVER (by the Democrats!): Guess where the DNC 2020 Convention will be held (HA!)

Good news, Democrats. Seems the DNC has figured out the best way for you and your candidate NOT to forget where Wisconsin is this time around. Ya’ know, since those pesky Russians made Hillary Clinton forget it existed back in 2016 …
The Democratic National Committee has selected Milwaukee, Wis., as the location for its 2020 presidential convention, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Milwaukee beat out Miami, which had mounted an unsuccessful final lobbying blitz to be the host city.
Wonder how this makes ol’ Hillary feel?

And from her own party.
That’s not funny.
As long as she can actually find it on a map this time around.
We hope she heard them loud and clear.

The one with all the good cheese that Hillary forgot to visit in 2016.


  1. The fix was in for Hillary she and her team thought. They rigged the primary for gods sake.