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New York Post: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still hasn’t paid a six-year-old tax bill

Whatever happened to paying one’s fair share?
The New York Post is reporting Saturday that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who likes to be called just Cortez, still hasn’t paid an outstanding tax lien from 2012 left over from a failed business venture.
If true, will she blame the conservative media that is obsessed with her for bringing it to light or maybe go with the angle that a conservative paper just can’t handle a strong woman and has to put her down?
Brook Avenue Press, a company set up in the Bronx to publish books about city children, owes $1,877.56 in unpaid corporate taxes.
The state slapped the company with a warrant on July 6, 2017, two months after Ocasio-Cortez announced her candidacy to run against Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley for the district that encompasses parts of Queens and The Bronx.
Public records show the state dissolved the company in October 2016, which can happen when a business fails to pay corporate taxes or file a return.
A spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez, who has called for sweeping tax hikes on the rich, told The Post two weeks ago that the taxes would be paid right away.
But they haven’t been paid right away. Doesn’t she know what a poor school district could do with $1,877.56?
But of course. Taxes are for the little people, not for those who fancy themselves better than the rest of us.
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1. Attorney's fees are going to be a lot more than the money she owes for the delinquent tax.

2. She now has a lovely salary. File a tax lien against her and get the money she owes.
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What is it with Dems not paying taxes?

Cortez joins ranks of Dem tax avoiders...

Democrats love taxes they just don’t want to pay them 😂
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As business owner @AOC came out in support of a bill that would provide tax deductions for business startup costs arguing that taxes directly impacted your business profits. She now rails against such laws that cut taxes for businesses like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Hypocrite!
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  1. No, no you do not understand. I MAKE laws; if I wish to ignore some of my taxes that is OK BUT YOU pay or prison. You will note some congressmen owe thousands of times my puny 2K.

  2. Does it occur to anyone she might have write offs than that would reduce what she owes and the IRS is REALLY GOOD at penalizing any debts. So a lot of that balance could be penalties. Also possible she hasn't gotten far enough ahead to feel she is able to pay back debts. I think she was saying, she couldn't afford an apartment in Washington because she hadn't been paid and then Trump closed the government and she didn't get a paycheck. So don't be so quick to judge.