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NPR: Doctors blame climate change for heat-related illnesses in Florida

Here’s another example of your tax dollars at work supporting NPR — they’re pushing the propaganda of a group called Florida Clinicians for Climate Action, who claim that people are suffering because of dangerously hot temperatures in the state.
And to repeat the punchline of a well-worn joke, women and minorities are hardest hit.
With rising global temperatures, Florida's medical community says heat is already making people sicker –– and the nearly 60% of Miami residents living paycheck to paycheck could be the most at risk.https://n.pr/2HP7wvU 

Residents like Jorge, who sells fruit on the side of the road. He has diabetes and cancer, and needs to support his five children back home in Ecuador –– but he says the heat makes it hard.

"When you work in the streets, you really feel the change."

We honestly feel bad for Jorge, who has diabetes and cancer — neither one connected to warm temperatures — who says working out in the sun in Florida makes things hard. You see, “When you work in the streets, you really feel the change” — and if that’s not proof of climate change, what is?

Cheryl Holder is Jorge's doctor. She co-founded Florida Clinicians For Climate Action after observing what she says is an increase in illnesses exacerbated by climate change in low-income neighborhoods. https://n.pr/2HP7wvU 

“… an increase in illnesses exacerbated by climate change in low-income neighborhoods.” We thought climate change affected the entire planet equally, but it looks like it zooms in on poor neighborhoods.
NPR reports:
… People who can’t afford air conditioning find it more difficult to sleep, which can contribute to obesity. Exposure to high nighttime temperatures also makes it harder for the body to recover from daytime heat, which can result in “in heat-related illness and death,” according to the National Climate Assessment. Holder says her patients have air conditioners if they can afford them, but they’re often old and dangerously moldy.
On top of those concerns, climate change is fueling larger and more powerful hurricanes, storms that can damage flimsier homes, like Jorge’s. People with limited means might also be reluctant to go to shelters because they aren’t able to buy the necessary supplies of food and water. And the storms themselves can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

So climate change is both making people fat by making it harder to sleep, and more powerful storms are giving people PTSD.

This article gave us PTSD.
This article is surreal. NPR claims climate change is causing more hospital admissions in Florida, although the only guy they could find to interview has diabetes and cancer https://www.npr.org/2019/03/30/706941118/in-florida-doctors-see-climate-change-hurting-their-most-vulnerable-patients?t=1553982664001 

“Taking climate change into consideration means that Holder is more likely to ask her patients who work outdoors about dehydration, for example, or to take a longer allergy season into account when treating those with respiratory ailments whose medicines are no longer keeping up with their symptoms,” NPR reports.
Why would the indigent be reluctant to go to shelters when there is a storm because "they can't afford supplies like food & water". The shelters supply those things. This article is written to manipulate, not be factual. Why would you lie to discourage the poor to seek safety?

So how much hotter is it in Florida because of man-made climate change?
Desperate I see. Please tell me the average temp in Miami 10 and 20 years ago versus today?

Here is NOAA climate data weblink, anyone on the planet can prove to themselves with a little work and an excel spreadsheet, that this article is bogus. https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdo-web/search 

Here are averages of the last 90 years of MAX july temps. So no, you cant "just feel the CO2 induced climate change" because it isnt real. Get a grip people!!

The stupidity of this is mind boggling. You people are so desperate for this idiotic religion to stick, that no lie is too much.

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What are you talking about?
The highest Temp recorded in Miami was 100f in 1942...
Avg high for Summer is 92f it reached 94f last year.
It reached 98f in 2017 which it has done 8 times in the last 50 years- temps are not higher.
I believe weather may be changing but be honest.

So what they’re saying, then, is Miami has really warm weather.
Without it, Jorge has nothing to sell.
People living pay check to pay check you say? Ok so lets follow @AOC and the green screw you deal so that we raise taxes to 80% and people will turn to a life of crime just to barely survive.

They need to learn a computer programming language. And the difference between weather and climate change.

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