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NY Billionaire Mocks Ex-Wife Of 58 Years With Photo Of New Wife. All New York City Can See It.

An 81-year-old billionaire who was divorced from his wife after over 58 years of marriage and then got remarried had a unique way of mocking his former wife: last week he put gigantic pictures 42 feet high and 24 feet wide of himself and his new wife for everyone to see on the tall residential building he owns in New York City.

Real estate developer Harry Macklowe, who built 432 Park Avenue, one of the tallest residential buildings in the world, according to The New York Times, called the photos, which were taken by Studio Harcourt in Paris, “a proclamation of love.” Macklowe married his second wife, Patricia Landeau, last Thursday.
Macklowe said of the photos, “My wife looks gorgeous, and I love the picture of me,” and explained that once he saw them, he had an urge to share them. He said, “Since I wasn’t getting married during the summer in the Hamptons, I wasn’t able to hire an airplane with a banner to go up and down the shoreline. I thought: ‘I own a building. Why don’t I just hang a banner from my own building?’”
The photos, made of polyester mesh, hang from a glass part of the 432 Park Avenue building called the Park Avenue Cube. The marriage between Macklowe and his former wife Linda broke up in 2016; according to news.com.au, “A furious Mrs Macklowe made the decision in 2016 after it was revealed her husband, property mogul Harry Macklowe, had installed his younger French mistress Patricia Landeau in one of his luxury properties for years on end.”
Harry and Linda Macklowe jointly owned a $700 million art collection which a judge ordered them to sell last December because the couple could not agree on the collection’s estimated value. Macklowe’s advisor said it was worth $788 million; his wife’s said it was worth $625 million.
As the New York Post reported, “Linda gets to keep their $72 million Plaza Hotel apartment, but has to pay Harry a $36-million credit, while he will retain ownership over $82 million worth of commercial property including 737 Park Avenue. In turn, he must pay his estranged wife $41 million. They’ll each take half of $62 million in cash they currently hold in multiple bank accounts.”
The New York Post reported before the wedding of Macklowe and Landeau, “The wedding on Thursday morning will be officiated by presiding New York Supreme Court Justice Alan Scheinkman. For the reception, the entire 78th floor of Macklowe’s Park Avenue tower has been gutted to be transformed into a ‘massive ballroom’ by events guru David Monn, we’re told. Monn’s creating a white-themed bash, complete with all white chandeliers, candles and flowers.”
Macklowe claimed that now that he has adorned his building with the huge picture of his new wife, some male friends told him their wives wanted similar treatment. He said, “I got an email from a neighbor across the street who said, ‘I want my husband to do this for me for Valentine’s Day.'”

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  1. TAcky and utterly tasteless...should have taken out a One page ad in the NYT instead....that would have been tackier.