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OK then: Beto O’Rourke is going to ‘break apart’ the concentration of wealth in the United States

The popular candidate with virtually no policy positions on anything is going to go ahead and take the socialist route scouted out by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
The unprecedented concentration of wealth, power and privilege in the United States must be broken apart. Opportunity must be fully shared with all. We must all have the opportunity to succeed. Together. As one country.
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People had a fit when President Trump declared a national emergency at the border; even though his predecessors had also declared national emergencies, it seemed like a dangerous overreach of presidential power. Just how much power does the president really have?
President Beto will have the power to “break apart” the concentration of wealth, power, and privilege in America and fully share “opportunity.”
Hey, Beta — Americans already share opportunity, just not outcomes. That’s why some people (some you know very well) have so much wealth. So is breaking up that wealth going to give more opportunity to more people? Let’s take all of, say, Jeff Bezos’ money, and Amazon closes down. How much of an opportunity is he going to be able to provide to people then?
Wow, we’re already so very, very tired of this clown.
Great. Your father in law is a billionaire and your wife is an heiress. Let's start with you.
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Does this include all those in Congress who somehow got wealthy while they were supposed to be serving the people?
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Have you shared this plan with your Hollywood Liberal Elite friends? Please let us know when they want to dig into their own pockets and spread their wealth with the rest of us so we all have the same in our bank accounts. Thanks.
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So you’re going to decide how much everyone makes... great. Your idealism will ruin this country. Innovation, entrepreneurs, and self made individuals will cease to exist. Why take a risk; why work hard when all effort will be compensated equally? Yeah.. 😢
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While you use the word "opportunity", WE know exactly what you mean. It's called sharing the fruits of labor, but not sharing the labor!
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That’s not how life works!! Equality yes, but that does not equal results. Idiot.
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You are a nut. Everyone in this country had opportunity that is what you are guaranteed. Opportunity disguises itself as hard work and many people do not want to put in the work to be successful. Please stop peddling this garbage.
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I went from being homeless as a child with a mother that did heroin every day to now I work in an industry that most people fail at. I did it through hard work, perseverance, and not blaming everyone else for my own problems. Also, I smile everyday.
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So what you're advocating for is communism. That's all you had to say, "I want communism in the United States."
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How much freaking money did you raise again? Wonder how many homeless could be fed and clothed if we took the money out of politics??? You have 0 room to use this argument.
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I reject redistribution of the wealth, or communism/socialism. I am embrace the principles our founding fathers had of capitalism in a FREE America. Socialism/communism are forms of government that you vote in power but have to fight a war to get rid of them.
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People should be responsible for themselves. Studies have shown if the government gives a handout then there is no incentive to rise to the top
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Unless done voluntarily by the owner of said money, the govt. "giving money" to anyone (poor or not) requires that they first take it from its owner. That's also known as theft. Capitalism/free markets are the only system in all of history to alleviate mass poverty.
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You’re literally a white male millionaire married to a millionaire pro-charter school heiress.

That’s the perfect encapsulation of how wealth gets aggregated and protected in our society.
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Sorry, but Beto is nothing but platitudes. I don’t trust him. I met him in person in NH, and we learned nothing about him.
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I am being TOTALLY SERIOUS when I say that this guy, as well as AO-C, are not just novelties, THEY'RE DANGEROUS!

Some people are smarter, some work harder, some take chances, some are more creative, etc.

Exactly WHO is taking away ones' "opportunity to succeed"? Delusional! 🤯
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  1. Oil & Gas: Top Recipients Beto $476,325 https://www.opensecrets.org/industries/recips.php?ind=E01++