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Own worst enemy? The Bulwark’s token Liberal sticks her foot in her mouth AGAIN on ‘Jexodus’, deletes tweet (but we got it)

Oh, the irony of anyone who writes for ‘The Bulwark’ complaining about anyone else ‘grifting.’
Is it possible to permanently damage one’s eyes from rolling them too much? Asking for a friend.
This morning, Fox News covered the fact that many Jews are leaving the Democratic Party because of their inability to deal with the blatant and shameful anti-Semitism of its own elected members. *cough cough Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib cough cough*
This ‘movement’ is being called ‘Jexodus’ and it is trending on Twitter.
President Trump also tweeted about Jexodus, which seemed to upset Media Matters’ dbag, Matthew Gertz. Molly Jong-Fast quote-tweeted Gertz and complained about ‘grifting’:

Then she deleted it.
Maybe it was in response to what Chad Felix Greene tweeted her:
She not only deleted the tweet but then blocked Chad, who just so happens to be Jewish.
All class with this gal.

When you tweet a lot of silliness and stupid, it happens.

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