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Pete Davidson compares Catholic Church to R. Kelly on 'SNL.' Watch how the crowd immediately reacts.

Pete Davidson was booed on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend for comparing the Catholic Church to rapper R. Kelly, who was recently charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse.

What happened?

During the show's "Weekend Update," Davidson, likely anticipating potential blowback for what he was about to say, prefaced his comparison by saying: "Before I continue, [R. Kelly] is a monster and he should go to jail forever."

"But if you support the Catholic Church, isn't that like the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan?" Davidson continued to say.

The line drew an immediate round of boos from the raucous crowd, but Davidson was undeterred, continuing on with what may would characterize as a highly offensive comparison.

"I don't really see the difference. Only like one's music is significantly better. Just the other day my mom was like, 'I'm going to mass.' And I was like, 'OK, I'm going to go listen to the 'Ignition' remix," Davidson said, referring to one of Kelly's most popular songs.

"Look, I'm not saying it's an easy decision," Davidson went on to say. "I'm just saying you don't know how good someone's music really is until you find out they're a pedophile. The reason everybody is so upset is R. Kelly and Michael Jackson made great music, you know? But if I found out Macklemore did some weird stuff, I'd be happy to free up some space on my iPhone."

Later in the segment, Davidson suggested how people should continue listening to Kelly's music amid the allegations against him.
"Pretending these people never existed is maybe not the solution. The rule should be … you could appreciate their work, but you only if you admit what they did," he said.


  1. The Catholic Church has had problems with homosexuality and child sexual abuse and worse for over 1500 years as far as I can see.

    Government in America has had problems with homosexuality and child sexual abuse and worse for over 150 years as far as I can see. By some estimates many in the US Congress has some involvement in this activity.

    The biggest reason this abuse and killing of our children is tolerated is because it is an important part of blackmail for POLITICAL control.

    Trump supposedly has evidence and is attempting to prosecute. The Clintons and their involvement with Jeff Epstein should be a front line in this WAR on our children. There has been some legal activity here recently. I am hopeful. Please support our President in exposing this evil.

  2. Trump struck a truce with the Bushes and Clintons that neither side will go after each other
    And for the safety of the Trumps family, the democrats and the MIC will run the show.
    Kim knows that trump no longer has any power and trump told Kim that Privately that even
    if he gets rid of his nuke stuff the Us will still destroy him as the us wants the country for the resources and to dominate the region. America is dead as a country.
    It will be a socialist hell hole.