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‘She’s been in Congress for 2 MONTHS’: Guy Benson drops Rep. Ilhan Omar for making yet ANOTHER anti-Semitic comment

Rep. Ilhan Omar said something anti-Semitic?! But that’s so UNLIKE HER.
Oh, wait.

House Foreign Affairs leader calls on freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar to apologize for saying pro-Israel groups push foreign allegiance https://cnn.it/2Ts8bZQ 

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This woman.
From CNN:
The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee called Friday for freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar to apologize after insinuating that pro-Israel groups are pushing “allegiance to a foreign country.”
Chairman Rep. Eliot Engel’s demand comes after a bookstore event Wednesday where Omar argued that critics labeling her as an anti-Semite looked to silence a necessary conversation.
“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” Omar said, according to The New York Times.
In a fiery statement Friday night, Engel, a New York Democrat, took Omar to task for yet another controversial comment over the political influence of pro-Israel groups on politicians.
Allegiance to a foreign country. K.

Third round in two months.
Raise your hand if you think Democrats have a real problem here … and they’ll just keep ignoring it.
It’s like she can’t help herself.
Sad but so true.
This is actually a really good idea.
Let her show the world who she really is, and who the Democrats have become.
Sounds good to us.
But on the other hand …

Not soon enough.


  1. it has become apparent that freedom of speech precludes criticism of israel and jews in general. this is wrong. open the debate and let the jews be exposed to truth of what people say about them when they are not in the room. truth can never be changed through legislation, fear of reprisal or bigger lies. everyone is better and safer when free discourse is the mandate. and who knows it may smarten jews up to avoid another pogrom.

  2. She is far too kind to evil Israel! Israel is the military arm of the Rothschild Banking Cartel who
    have been fostering and making money off wars since the battle of Waterloo!

  3. Did it occur to you that she might be right?

  4. Look, i don't want the likes of Omar to overrun North America. But everything she has said so far about Israeli/Jewish negative influence has been spot on.

  5. Over 32 states have passed new laws and big fines. You can not have criticism of Jews. Lady is 100% right :^)