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Smoking gun?! If Luke Rosiak’s thread about Hillary’s server is true Comey and the FBI are about to be in a WORLD of hurt

As things slowly wrap-up with the Mueller investigation (no matter how hard Schiff and his Dem cronies try and keep it going), seems focus is once again moving back to Hillary Clinton, her server, and the part she and her campaign may have played in all of this.
After all, she was the only candidate whose campaign actually did take money from the Russians.
That darn ol’ server thing just won’t go away, will it, Cankles?
Luke’s thread breaks this whole thing down …

This story describes one of the biggest smoking guns of the DOJ's election rigging, IMO.

The Intelligence Community IG - better positioned to assess Hillary's server than the FBI - told Peter Strzok all 30,000 emails were hacked by Chinese, but Strzok somehow forgot about that.

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Strzok FORGOT about it? Maybe if he wasn’t busy texting his girlfriend about how much he hated Trump he might’ve remembered this tidbit.
That also means Comey's famous pre-election speech saying the FBI had seen no evidence that Hillary's server was hacked was false (or deliberately misleading based on Strzok basically covering his eyes and saying I CAN'T SEE IT when meeting with ICIG.
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Comey lied? Gosh, we feel shocked.
ICIG is key to the whole thing. They are government experts who did actual investigation and were systematically marginalized by Democrats who shifted focus to an FBI they knew was willing to do their bidding.
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The fact that the FBI didnt find the China hack on their own (or so they say) tells you everything you need to know.

Separately, Strzok had even tried to close the case saying there was no classified info. It was ICIG who pointed out that emails were openly MARKED classified.
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Told you.
Holy crap.
The ICIG, an Obama appointee, later came forward to say he was retaliated against by Dems like Feinstein.

This is the fundamental con of 2016 -- the marginalization of other investigators, elevation of FBI, willful blindness and lying of FBI, then Democrats and media citing FBI.
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What a tangled web we weave … yadda, yadda, yadda.
Now, thanks to @JudicialWatch lawsuit, we should see what the ICIG documented about Hillary server's China hack, and what they told Strzok.

If your job is investigating whether Hillary server was hacked, it's not plausible to say you don't remember ICIG telling you it was.
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None of this has been plausible but that hasn’t stopped the Left from trying.

Might want to grab some extra popcorn for this one … just sayin’.

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