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So NO, your claim does NOT hold up! Brit Hume shut Bill Kristol DOWN in back and forth about Trump ‘impeding’ Mueller investigation

Many Never Trumper types have spent the past two years joining forces with the Left in some sort of mash-up of impotent rage and paranoia about Russians dressed up as unicorns rigging the election for evil President Trump. We’ve seen nothing but snide, condescending garbage about how Mueller would be Trump’s worst nightmare and now that it looks like the whole thing was a giant dud they are doing their best to spin spin spin.
Even while they are called out for silly tweets they should probably just delete at this point like the one Bill Kristol wrote and then claimed was AOK when he was called out on it by Brit Hume. Guess who came out on top in this back and forth between Brit and Bill?
Hint, he doesn’t work for ‘The Bulwark’.
So stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result truly is the definition of insanity.
I'm waiting for one of these dopes to apologise for spending my money chasing something they knew didn't exist.
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Wouldn’t count on that anytime soon.
Sad. I listened to Bill Kristol over the years, especially on Sunday mornings, when he made good, conservative arguments, & now he's reduced himself to this. We finally get the most conservative oriented POTUS since Reagan, & Kristol opposses him. smh
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True story, we miss the old Bill Kristol.
@BillKristol & @brithume are both advocates of civil discourse with disparate political viewpoints. I’d *love* to see a televised debate between the two. Any network takers? Anyone?
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Would TOTALLY watch this!


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  1. Even after all this Brit Hume is still a corporate hack partisan douche bag and has made a career out of his limited and mediocre journalistic skills.