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The stupid … IT BURNS! Jemele Hill’s take on socialism is so dumb it should come with a warning label

Americans don’t like socialism.
Crazy, right? Who knew?
New @NBCNews / @WSJ poll tested 11 different presidential characteristics.

Most popular: An African American; a white man; a woman; and someone who is gay or lesbian

Least popular: A Muslim; someone over the age of 75; and a socialist

Just 18% view socialism positively

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When even an NBC poll shows only 18% of this country see socialism positively that tells us everything we need to know about socialism.
That it sucks.
Sorry, not sorry.
Jemele Hill thinks she knows why Americans don’t like it though.
Yes, we’re all just too stupid to understand socialism, that’s why we prefer capitalism.
Speaking of stupid, it BURNS.

Talk fast. Yup.
My guess is that Jemele is 100 percent doing this just to get some Twitter attention because her name hasn't been mentioned publicly for a while. What a zero. Another "socialism hasn't ever been done right" dolt.
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Seeing a pattern here, Jemele.
True dat.
I’d bet that there are some older folks who immigrated from actual socialist countries are in that group, therefore I disagree with your assessment. And that is in fact the danger. When those who understand are gone, we are destined relitigate it. 1/
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Wait, people actually flee socialist countries?! But we thought it was all free unicorns and sparkles in those countries.
All they need to know about socialism is the ruling class, the Bernie Sanders, get rich, and we stand in bread lines.
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If any ideal helps the rich get richer it’s socialism.
Oh good, The Socialist Party chimed in … said no one, ever.
True. We’re socialists and when we explain how Marx and Engels explained socialism, they complain about what existed the "Soviet Union" etc and try to link that economy with socialism. We then have to try to explain that state capitalism and socialism are completely different.
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Yeah, hard pass.

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  1. I think Jordan Peterson's take on socialism is priceless, and that's that.