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These albino animals prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (22 Photos)

Albinism is a very rare genetic condition affecting both humans and animals alike. Those who have albinism have bodies that aren’t able to make a normal amount of melanin, the chemical that is responsible for eye, skin, and hair color. The results are quite extraordinary as these animals are some of the most amazing looking creatures on the planet.
An adult albino Sea Turtle.
Snowy the albino skunk cuddling with her human.
An albino reindeer spotted in Sweden.

An albino moth.
An albino owl.
Elfie the albino English Setter.
Two deers lay with each other creating an amazing contrast.
Statue or sunbathing albino alligator?
A white peacock hanging out with his friends.
Tiny little baby hedgehog.
Albino Praying mantis.

An albino toad.
An albino baby turtle with green sea turtles.

An albino Doberman hanging out with his squad.
An albino stallion names Jabato.
An albino crow looking majestically into the distance.
An rare albino anaconda.

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