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US Bans EU Conservative Activist from Entry Into US for His Wedding After Being Framed in Christchurch Attack (VIDEO)

Martin Sellner, co-chair of the Austrian Identitarian Movement, has been framed by the Christchurch killer, raided by the police  and threatened with arrest.

Now the U.S. State Department seemingly wants to sabotage his wedding to conservative YouTuber Brittany Pettibone.

Sellner came to fame in the US with the „Defend Europe“ mission, which helped raise awareness of the illegal people smuggling in the Mediterranean in the name of humanitarian aid. It was reported on by YouTuber Lauren Southern, who introduced him to to his Californian fiancee Brittany Pettibone.

Last year, Southern, Sellner and Pettibone were denied entry into the UK when they wanted to go visit Tommy Robinson, which caused many U.S. patriots to say, “Thank God it can’t happen here.” But apparently it can!
On Monday, Sellner’s home in Vienna was raided by Austrian police and his computers and cell phones seized on suspicion of “terrorism”, even though the Austrian Identitarian Movement just won a court case last year absolving them of charges of “forming a terrorist organization”.
The charges: In January 2018, Sellner received a donation of €1500 from the Christchurch killer Brenton Tarrant, and sent him a routine thank-you message. At that time, of course, Sellner had no way of knowing who Tarrant was or what he was going to do a year later. Tarrant was traveling through Europe and also sought to meet with Sellner, but the meeting never came about.”Maybe I should’ve met with him, then maybe I would’ve been able to talk him out of it”, Sellner says.
The Austrian Identitarians have searched all their E-mails and asked all their members if they met an Australian in 2018, and can say with great confidence they had no other contact with Tarrant, Sellner said yesterday on ServusTV.
The Identitarian Movement is strictly non-violent and rejects hatred and racism. They welcome cultural diversity (“ethno-pluralism”) while seeking to preserve European culuture and heritage, mainly opposing mass immigration and Islamization. They routinely evict radical neo-Nazis when they try to infiltrate the “right-wing hipster movement”. They are mostly  known for peaceful, eye-catching Greenpeace-style protest actions, such as scaling the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 2017.
Sellner is confident the charges will lead to nothing: “What crime am I charged with? What could I possibly have done differently, aside from being psychic? My lawyer says this case has absolutely no chance.” The scurrilous charges are mainly meant to tarnish his name and the reputation of the non-violent Identitarian Movement, which is so popular in Europe it continues to flourish despite being completely banned on Facebook, its original home.
Even right-wingers and conservatives scurried to abandon Sellner this week, however, as Austria’s conservative-populist coalition of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (Austrian People’s Party) and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (Freedom Party of Austria) announced yesterday they would examine whether to ban the most successful youth movement in Europe since the 1960s.
And the U.S. State Department seemingly joined in the pile-on, revoking Sellner’s electronic U.S. travel authorization (ESTA). “I called and they told me it was ‘based on my background’. Now, I can’t visit my fiancée or her family, or  get married in the US as planned”, Sellner announced on Twitter.

Ironically, this all may be part of the ruthless killer Tarrant’s evil plan to sow discord and start a civil war. In his manifesto, Tarrant wrote about the necessity of “attacking or assassinating weak or less radical leaders/influencers on either side of social conflicts” in order to “destabilize society”. Since he says he began planning his attack two years ago, it is very possible the donation to the non-violent and non-racist Identitarians was part of a deliberate plan to frame them, just as Tarrant referenced moderate figures like Candace Owens and Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg on his rampage in order to smear them.
Video: Martin Sellner on the police raid and being framed (in English)

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  1. I would have thought the US would be above this sort of nonsense. He clearly isn't involved in that terrorist attack.