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‘Where the breadline ENDS’: AOC-inspired children’s books titles go VIRAL with hilarious tag #OcasioCortezChildrensBooks

Every once in a while we come across a hashtag that really needs very little if any explanation and the #OcasioCortezChildrensBooks tag is just such a tag. AOC seems to have inspired so many various titles of children’s books that the tag not only went viral but is trending in the top spot on Twitter at the time of this writing.
Hey, way to go, Alex from the Bronx!
Here are some of the best:
‘I do not like them, Sam I am.’
Dunno, dude, it doesn’t even rhyme.

Some of these are very clever, but I’m struck by how qualities she has which are regularly mocked by Trump fans are incredibly similar to those which Trump himself possesses, often with the very same people loving him for those characteristics
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Psh, that’s a crappy title of a children’s book.
Ok, no scolds … moving on.
Too soon?
Fish? What fish?

Goodnight INDEED, loon.

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