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2020 Dem Pete Buttigieg has a real problem with Trump calling MS-13 ‘animals’ (does he REALLY want to go here?)

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, in an apparent reference to a video showing President Trump last year referring to MS-13 gang members as “animals,” served up this lecture about humanity as a whole:
As Buttigieg is discovering, opinions vary:
I mean, personally, I kind of think members of a death cartel who chop off women and children's heads and hang their bodies off highway overpasses are kind of animals but that's just me.

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You'd rather call Trump out than call out someone who would do this.

Then you'll wonder why a Democrat could not beat him a second time.

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So, what's the better name for gang members who stab a teen 100 times and set him on fire? Or who cut off another man's head and tore out his heart, and so on?

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While we wait for an answer from Buttigieg to that last question, maybe the Dem candidate should do a little introspection:
Dems can't even bring themselves to call pre-born babies human beings, but I'm supposed to feel bad about calling murderous gang members animals?
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Of course.
Buttigieg can't even bring himself to mention the fetus in that clip, just repeats platitudes about "difficult decisions" and the health of the mother trope. Forgive me if I don't take seriously his righteous indignation over unsavory comments about MS-13 murderers and rapists.
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I don't take advice from the party whose platform is more concerned with protecting animals than living babies in the womb. Pound sand.
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Progressive “priorities” sure can be confusing.

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