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A Native American woman who voted for Bernie just RIPPED him a new one over his defense of Elizabeth Warren

Earlier today we told you how Bernie Sanders sent a letter criticizing the Center for American Progress and its media arm, ThinkProgress.com, for “smearing him and other progressive candidates”:
And in the 3rd paragraph of the letter, Bernie called out ThinkProgress for publishing an op-ed which he said “echoed Donald Trump’s bad faith claims” on Elizabeth Warren’s fake Native American ancestry, which as you’ll see in the thread below was a YUGE mistake.
You see, the write of the op-ed was Rebecca Nagle, a member of the Cherokee nation *and* a Bernie Sanders voter. Nagle is not happy that Bernie used her words to defend Sen. Warren:

Hi @BernieSanders. 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm Rebecca Nagle. I am a citizen of Cherokee Nation. I am also the subject of the third (and longest) paragraph of your angry letter to @amprog. And... I voted for you in 2016.https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5839898-Bernie-Sanders-Letter-Accusing-CAP-of.html 

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And she’s had it with Dems like Bernie telling her what she can and cannot criticize, especially as it relates to Sen. Warren:

Since I have spoken out against @ewarren, I've been called a Russian bot, a right wing troll, and a tool of Trump. And now, I've been called a pawn of the Democratic establishment.

I am none of these things. I am Cherokee woman with a truth ppl on the Left don't want to hear.

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Here comes the boom:
In your letter, without acknowledging my existence, you describe my critique of Elizabeth Warren--a White woman who has falsely claimed to be Native American and Cherokee--as "unfairly targeting" her and an "echo of Trump's bad faith claims".
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Did Bernie even read the op-ed? Obviously not:
But if u read my words...
"Native Americans live in the space btwn Trump and Warren, btwn the stereotypes that were created to excuse the wholesale slaughter of our people and the stereotypes that were created to excuse the wholesale appropriation of our identity and cultures."
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Even worse for Bernie, CAP or ThinkProgress had nothing to do with it. Nagle pitched them:
Your letter suggests that my article about Warren is part of a larger attack from @amprog on more progressive candidates. I can only speak to what I know, which is my @thinkprogress piece originated with me. I pitched it. So... no conspiracy here.
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Maybe Bernie will get mad at these websites next?
Maybe instead of Warren being "unfairly targeted" by the right or by the Democratic establishment, Native writers, advocates, and leaders of my tribe were upset with Warren's actions for a reason.
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Bernie, stop letting your supporters down. Sheesh:

P.S. I am usually on board with your policies and public positions on issues. So this letter was just really, really disappointing to read.
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