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ACLU’s fact-check on trans athletes gets brutally fact-checked

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova dared question the ACLU’s proclamation that “the arguments against trans women participating in sports are based in the same stereotypes that are used to keep cis women off the playing field.”
I love you ACLU, but you are wrong on this. Unless you want to completely remake what Women’s Sports means, there can be no blanket inclusion rule. There is nothing stereotypical about this- it’s about fairness and it’s about science. Thank you.

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Well, the ACLU maintains that it’s transphobic to bar trans women athletes from women’s sports. (Of course, we could get in trouble for distinguishing between trans women and just plain women in the previous sentence.)
Fact-check: Incorrect.
She was a woman. You're misgendering her on purpose to prove a point. Don't do that. Simply saying trans woman is enough to let us know she was born with a penis. You don't have to do this (s)he. Just she is fine.

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Second, it's transphobic to assume she hurt someone because she's trans. Sounds like she lost control and hurt someone, which cisgender athletes do too.

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"She" is a biological male, you can spin and throw out transphobia all day, it doesn't change the fact that a biological male was fighting and physically beating the crap out of women in a women's sport.

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I'm good with trans people, be who you are. But by forcing yourselves into women's sports, you're erasing decades of progress for women for your own selfish gain. Think about that.

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Except the biological women they are competing against. These biological women train for years to get to this level, only to compete against a male. If you want transgenders to compete, so be it, just have them in their own class.

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Except the women who get their championships, and records smashed by middle of the pack male athletes who now shine. Why give endorsement money to the worlds fastest woman, when a guy who says he's a woman smokes her before breakfast? The biological female isn't the fastest now.

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What about the biological women who lose against the transwomen? Any compassion for them? I guess in Victimology Poker, biological women don't hold as high a hand. The @aclu is now composed of execrable schmucks.

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I know I'm excited to see some trans men in the NFL. Wait..why is it male only? That seems sexist, and not at all to do with any size or strength difference that would get women severely hurt. ACLU, pls demand women be allowed in the NFL. Gender apartheid! Reeeeeeee

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FACT CHECK: Linking to an article that describes how two trans women easily beat all of their female competitors is not making the point you think it's making.

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FACT CHECK: Biology is real. Consequences of biology are real. Ignoring biology hurts people.

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