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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loses the shot/chaser battle over her Green New Deal legislation

Shot. . .
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is worried that Republicans are “embarrassing themselves” when they talk about her Green New Deal and that they should just read the bill:

The GOP, corp lobbyists, & Fox expose their dishonesty every time they claim the “bans cows,” steals people’s farms, takes your grandma’s lunch money &costs $100 zillion.

Maybe if they actually did their job & read HRes109, they could avoid embarrassing themselves so often.

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Chaser. . .
Um, you mean the bill Republicans did read and voted on? That bill?
And do we need to remind AOC that her bill got zero votes?
to @FoxNewsSunday: “If the Democrats actually liked Obamacare they would all be running on Obamacare, instead they are running on Medicare for all, which is the health version of the Green New Deal which got exactly zero votes in the Senate this week”
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After reading and voting on the bill, Republicans laughed:

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  1. it isn't AOC's green new deal.
    she was barely out of high school when 'green new deal' was devised.