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AYFKM?! WaPo gets absolutely, positively ROASTED for op-ed claiming ‘it’s time to talk about being white in America’

You’d think Jonathan Metzel, the author of this op-ed in the Washington Post, has spent the past decade (plus!) with his head in the sand.
NOW it’s time to talk about being white in America? NOW?
Have we not spent the last nearly 12 years being told white people should be ashamed of being white and stuff? Maybe he missed the whole ‘privilege’ SJW talking point?
From WaPo (behind a paywall, of course):
It’s time to talk about what it means to be white in the United States.
That’s what I was trying to do Saturday afternoon at the Politics and Prose bookstore in Northwest Washington when I was interrupted by a group of white nationalists. Ironically, the protesters’ chant — “This land is our land” — served only to reinforce my point.
Because you know, all white people are white nationalists.
For too long, many white Americans have avoided this conversation, and we’ve done so for a reason: We don’t have to see the color white. Race scholars often argue that white privilege broadly means not needing to reflect on whiteness.
Awww, so he did hear that talking point.
White is the default setting, the assumed norm. A white American does not have to think about being white when walking down the street — while people marked as not-white are often noticed and surveilled. White people have the superpower of invisibility.
Whoa, white people have superpowers?! Ok, that IS privilege.

It’s about time, right?!
We are now in a perpetual state of eye-roll, just sayin’.
What he said.
It’s time to talk about the left’’s sick obsession w/ identity politics and how they divide America more and more each day. Give it a rest!
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Yup, NOW.
You make the assumption that "White" automatically equals "Racist". You don't allow for any debate, any evidence to the contrary, you just make it as a blanket "statement of fact".

And you wonder WHY Mark Levin refers to your newspaper as "Compost"?
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Can I be white in American and not be counted with these people?

Asking for millions of Americans.
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But then his narrative, the Left’s narrative, about how white people are all racist, sexist, Islamophobic, bigots completely falls apart.


  1. A Jew, “Metzel” stoking anti White (and especially anti-Christian) hatred?
    I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!
    Never disarm to this wicked tribe

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  3. t's REALLY time to talk about being White in South Africa... in Zimbabwe, the Congo, Liberia, etc....where White men are being slaughtered, & White women / babies are raped / slaughtered; not just shot to death, but SLAUGHTERED in the most horrible way.