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BRUTAL: James Woods pulls NO punches detailing how Trump made Dems’ sanctuary city narrative blow up in their faces

President Trump has floated an idea to place people entering the country at the border in the sanctuary cities that many Democrats support. All that has caused a liberal freakout, and James Woods spells out exactly why:
Trump is the toughest President we’ve had since Harry Truman. He takes the fight right to the enemy. If he dumps the invaders in the ’ backyards, they’re going to be doing some serious thinking about whether hijacking America with illegal votes is worth it. Great move.

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, whose personal abode is a walled fortress, doesn’t want the invading swarm in her district, of course. Firstly she’s an elitist and is sick of poop and needles on her streets. More importantly the whole plan of imported illegal votes is wasted in deep blue San Francisco.

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And then there’s California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who called the plan Trump floated “asinine” and “illegal”:
If Trump does this, it will be the funniest thing ever. He should literally drop them by the busload in front of the governor’s mansion. Trump could actually do this. He’s that politically savvy. The Democrats want street theatre? What a visual!!!

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Every single week busload after busload of dropped in front of the governors’ and mayors’ mansions in CA and NY. The sheer volume would be such a stunning visual, with such delicious irony, it would be literally mind-blowing. Do it, Mr. President.

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Sounds like the Dems’ bluff has been called big time.
We all know that if illegal aliens voted Republican, Schumer and Pelosi would be out there laying bricks on the border themselves.
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Dropping the hordes into is a brilliant strategic move. Doing so completely neutralizes the entire Democrat plan behind the invasion (illegal votes). Thanks to our beloved Electoral College, a million more illegals will have ZERO EFFECT in CA and NY.
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And last but certainly not least:


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  1. Live it in real time, The death of America, a failed government A failed education system,
    Crumbling infrastructure, You are on your own in hostile territory.