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Clean up, aisle 5! Sharyl Attkisson politely SHREDS Eric Holder for claiming he’s ‘confident’ the DOJ/FBI didn’t spy on Trump

Don’t worry, folks. Eric Holder is confident the DOJ/FBI aka the Deep State conducted themselves in an appropriate way where Trump is concerned. And you know, Eric has such a stellar track record we should TOTALLY take him at his word and listen to him about this stuff.
Sidenote, if this editor rolled her eyes any further back in her head she would be able to see West Virginia.
Eric, the guy who investigated HIMSELF … k.
Sharyl Attkisson responded to this tweet and considering HER track record with Eric we’re hardly surprised.

We can see it now …
Comey: ‘Hey Mr. President, sorry for that whole spying thing. You know, Obama and I were hanging out one night watching American Idol and he joked about it, I joked back … then it sorta became a thing. Our bad.’
Sharyl continued.
And gosh, who was AG when Sharyl was spied on?
Normally if campaign believed targeted by foreign spies, US intel community would notify the campaign (potential victims), says AG Barr. Yet Trump campaign not notified of supposed counterintel probe. (Sen. Feinstein was told when they discovered a Chinese spy worked for her.)
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HA! Yes, DiFi and her Chinese spy.
This would make a hilarious sitcom, doncha think?
Full disclosure, the main reason we used this tweet is the Dean Winchester gif … heh.
Because trump was not supposed to be president, but a pesky little thing called the people voting got in the way of their "appointment" of POTUS.
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It is certainly starting to look that way.
There was nothing normal about this undertaking. Completely extra-lawful. As Schumer himself said, "You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you." Get out the popcorn: the chickens are coming home to roost.
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We shall see.
Oh, and nice try, Eric.

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