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CLUTCH those pearls! Big Bang Theory producer blocks #Unplanned star Ashley Bratcher after she hands his A*S to him

Executive Producer of ‘Big Bang Theory,’ Bill Prady, apparently got his britches all SORTS of bunched up debating with the star of the surprising hit movie, ‘Unplanned’. We say ‘surprising’ because the media, social media, Hollywood types, etc. did everything they possibly could to keep this movie from being seen.
Guess they can’t deal with people seeing the reality of Planned Parenthood.
Case in point.

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Looks like I ruffled someone's feathers... Exec. Producer of The Big Bang Theory just blocked me.

Bill seems upset that a movie he disagrees with did well at the box office.
And also typical.

Temporarily turned off @ replies from people who don’t follow me. I got tired of the astonishingly foul language from people calling themselves “Christian.” Wow.

Whatever, Coward McCowardlyface.
Guess that means Ashley won.
Shouldn’t they be concerned about promoting the last season of their Production rather than bashing another persons? Talk about priorities!!!! But I am guessing it’s more Hollywood drama high school not the the real film industry!!!! ❤️🎬

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Why am I not surprised to discover the exec producer of a TV series that mocks nerds, geeks, and autism is an absolute bigot?

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It is effing SWEET.

Bill Prady is such a loser. I used to love the Big Bang theory but honestly he’s gone from a good comedy writer to just full on SJW troll. His loss, @_AshleyBratcher. Planning on seeing the @UnplannedMovie tomorrow btw!

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He’s all about class and maturity.

In other words, the truth hurts.

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