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Dan Bongino: ‘Now it’s time for the REAL collusion investigation’ (with bonus blasting of Dem double-standards)

Now that the Mueller report has been released and Democrats are trying to figure out where to go next, Dan Bongino says it’s time to follow this trail to its completion:
Now it’s time for the REAL collusion investigation - the collusion between the Hillary campaign and Russians, and the collusion between the Obama administration and foreign intelligence spying on the Trump team. This is the real scandal.
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There will be no “let’s move on.” Forget it. It’s now time to expose the Obama administration’s role in the biggest political spying scandal in US history. There’s nowhere to hide, Justice is coming.

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If anybody’s looking for James Comey, apparently he’s out in the woods quite a bit.
As for all the Democrats & media talkers who are hyperventilating while trying to point out that the Attorney General isn’t the president’s personal attorney, Bongino had a flashback to a time when Dems and the media didn’t seem as triggered:
We don’t recall much of an outburst from Dems and the lib media at the time. Go figure.
Yeah talk about being the presidents lawyer. Yet no liberal or media would say this at that time. Only when a conservative is in office. Unbelievable
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When a Democrat is in the White House the rules seem quite different for some reason.

1 comment:

  1. Nope!
    The REAL collusion lies with ALL politicians and lawyers involved with Bill Clinton's sex trial, the evidence and his speech in Congress two weeks later.

    The collusion involved in keeping the 'secret' of how he escaped impeachment, and the 'secret' of Hillary Clinton's blackmail of Obama to receive the Secretary of State position, are the TWO biggest REAL collusion issues to face America, and they are NOT being faced.

    The evidence is smack dab in front of your faces, but nobody wants to upset the 'apple cart'.