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Did Tom Arnold just let slip that his new BFF Michael Cohen withheld info from the FBI and Robert Mueller?

Look, you guys! Tom Arnold has finally found someone who’s willing to hang out with him: Michael Cohen!

Last weekend I flew to New York City to catch up with and thank Michael Cohen. He has a ton of new Trump material to share was congressional investigators. He has illegal business activity. He has crazy insane stuff. Michael is a meticulous note taker and impeccable with his word

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Donald Trump used to think so, too. How nice that he and Tom have that in common!
Impeccable with his word? How about words like "ethics" or "loyalty" or "attorney client privilege?" Regardless of your thoughts on @POTUS, @MichaelCohen212 is trash.

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Sure seems like someone is lying … Tom’s tweet is raising more than a few questions. And eyebrows.
I hate Trump but why couldn’t Cohen release all this info while he was under investigation? Why the last min info
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Um. Wasn't he supposed to have shared everything with FBI investigators already? I'm confused.
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100 hours of intereviews with Meuller, numerous appearances before congress... and now this new stuff is found? Where was it and why did he forget about it up until now? Not hating .. just asking legit questions.
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Is Tom saying that Michael Cohen’s been holding back? Because we’re pretty sure that’s not how all this was supposed to work.
Assuming Cohen has more “Trump material to share,” that would suggest he withheld information from Robert Mueller and the FBI. And if it’s all just a bluff, well, then that would mean he’s just a liar whose character is not “impeccable” at all. In either case, Tom Arnold looks like a petty moron making excuses for another petty moron.
There is NO NEW material. Only stuff that he has obfuscated till now.

If he is offering something now, his sentence should be summarily doubled.
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That is what you call a very desperate man willing to do anything to stay out of prison. Embarrassing you put so much faith in a weasel
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Embarrassing, yes. But not surprising. Weasels like to stick together.

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