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Don’t nuke her, bro! Rep. Eric Swalwell plays tough guy with Tomi Lahren over ‘gun safety’

Rep. Eric Swalwell, whom you might have seen on cable TV for the past two years pushing the Russian collusion narrative, is running for president alongside every other Democrat in politics, and the focus of his campaign is going to be on taking guns and attacking the NRA.
The Atlantic reported that Swalwell was “running for president on gun safety,” but that’s not true — if he wanted to promote gun safety, he’d encourage citizens to buy guns and take gun safety classes offered by the NRA. When the guy pulls the nuclear weapons card at the first sign of pushback against gun confiscation, it’s pretty clear what “gun safety” means to him.
The idea of Swalwell running for president is hilarious, so while we don’t always agree with Tomi Lahren, we can excuse her for laughing.
Swalwell didn’t take that well.
Again, maybe she never even got past “Eric Swalwell running for White House” before bursting into laughter. But we really appreciate Swalwell’s tough guy act, especially since when he’s president he’ll have the codes for those nukes, and they’re legit.
Toni is an idiot in her own right, but your “nuke ‘em” bullshit and fascist, anti-Constitutional views make you dangerous.

I’d love ❤️ to see @TomiLahren smoke your sorry ass, . You are a sorry, smarmy, lying waste of flesh and I hate that I share air with you.

Dude! You fucking threatened to NUKE American citizens that happen to be gun owners. Until you come out publicly and admit that was a foolish thing to say, you have ZERO credibility and can not argue with anyone about violence. You work for us you twit

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Do you think threatening to nuke American citizens is funny, @ericswalwell? Man the hell up and stop crying.@TomiLahren has a lot more courage and honor than you.

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Does Swalwell think nuclear weapons are funny?
Try this - with a straight face - tell those parents that when you take away the rights of honest people, the mentally ill, terrorists, and criminals will suddenly drop all weapons and obey the law. Try it. They’ll see you’re lying and just using their grief to feed the lie.
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You're the joke Swalwell,, your sheer incompetence is hilarious. Idiots like you think that criminals will give up their arms. you're a SHEEP
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My 2 amendment right tells me I can have my guns. I dare someone to try to come into my home and hurt my family. An I will be laughing all the way to the police station. Every one wants to blame the guns. Lay a gun on a floor for 5 minutes, without touching it, see if it fires.
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Swalwell thinks he’s going to win a debate with Donald Trump after winning a debate with 48 other Democratic candidates; Lahren might be a nice reality check.
You know how when you are getting ready for bed and you hear that snicker coming from the other room?
She was just trying to make you feel at home...
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You're a pandering politician. I live 4 miles from MSD high school. @TomiLahren's point of view is respected & common here.
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Of course not — there were 3,000 Parkland survivors, but only two or three of them count.

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  1. He who takes you gun is your enemy, deal with it as you will.